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The Magic Wardrobe is the New Natural World holistic fashion innovation

The Magic Wardrobe is a slow fashion innovation that answers to the demands of conscious consumers for natural clothing.

´The consumer views and values around clothing is changing´, says Mai Niemi, the designer of Mai Niemi Design House. `Many are moving away from cheap, fast fashion to quality, durability, and eco-responsibility.

`The demand for natural and certified clothes are growing steadily, as well as increased demand for locally produced fashion.

`The textile industry cannot continue to produce poor quality, synthetic throw away garments that are neither recyclable nor biodegradable`. We simply cannot toss out the contents of our wardrobe with the change of every season. Wool ticks the boxes in functionality, sustainability, and longevity, and that is why we use wool in most of our products.

`Today the consumer is preparing to pay more for quality and durability. We created outfits that can be worn for many purposes: for comfortable day and office-wear extending them into casual evening wear, to travel etc. Consumers want fewer garments, but with more variable functionality, to be purpose-made for multiple uses and still look good, feel good, and create less waste and pollution. We have designed and manufactured seamless woolen knitwear that can be used at home, in the office and parties. Furthermore, our fashion is timeless slow fashion, meaning that it goes not go out of fashion. The idea that wool garments are specific to winter-wear is long gone. It is suitable for any season and any occasion.

The Magic Wardrobe products and knitwear range includes biodegradable organic knitwear, accessories, and jewelry. Everything is one size, timeless, zero waste produced, suitable for all ages and most sizes, even plus size, all season, all event wear. All can also combine creatively with each other to create individual looks and styles.

With The Magic Wardrobe we offer an opportunity for personalizing one´s outfits and looks with nature-oriented design for customers who value natural lifestyle. Furthermore, we have a holistic and energetic approach to our design to meet the demand of spiritual well-being of the customer. We dress not only the outer body, the surface, but also the mind and spirit by using our IAMMAI Body Fengshui© design concept to make the garment comfortable and the design meaningful to match the customers unique energy.

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Fashion Designer/Manager Mai Niemi B.A.hons.




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