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IAMMAI holistic design concept

Organic Superfashion Finnish fashion designer Mai Niemi brings a new and even a revolutionary approach into fashion with a comprehensive and with its multidimensional IAMMAI concept.

It challenges level-headed mass fashion offering organic clothes and stories, which are naturally easy to identify with. Mai Niemi combines in her design art, fashion, Feng shui, global and local myths, fantasy, well-being, connection with nature and role play. His local fashion inspires people around the world.


Comprehensiveness and soft values Mai Niemi's fashion is seamless a piece of clothing that caresses so body, like mind and release feminine forms mainstream of fashion design. There is no age limit tand not seasonal thinking: Main fashion fits most sizes and for all ages to be used by all in the seasons. One garment can to dress and accessorize in many different ways or use as role play clothes. The clothes are one size fits all for most people. They are moving, alive, bodies virtuous and divinely feminine.


From fashion to Quantum IAMMAI Superfashion


Fashion changemaker

As a fashion designer I have been able to be the changemaker. For new courageous views that support fashion diversity, there is an order. I have created one size fashion to fit most sizes and fashion that makes women feel and see and love themselves beautiful as they are.

This is all based on my own experience as I have also searched the way out of the box.


IAMMAI Superfashion

Finnish fashion designer Mai Niemi (B.A. Hons and ESOF fengshui fashion consultant) has taken new and revolutionary approach into fashion with the comprehensive and multi-dimensional IAMMAI concept. It acts as a water divider that challenges the uniforming and dualistic fashion by providing unity and commonality as human clothing and stories that naturally can be identified.

In her designs Mai Niemi combines art, fashion, feng shui, global and local myths, fairy world fantasy, well-being, nature connection and role play. Her local fashion has a global story inspiring people all over the world.


Future Memory -Quantum fashion

Mai Niemi combines ancient as well as contemporary science and biophysics, promoting the well-being of the body, mind and spirit, taking the ethno-futuristic step into the future, to a time when we utilize simple and organic know-how for the overall well being of the individual and the environment in clothing design and manufacturing.


IAMMAI formulas

Mai Niemi has cast out norm patterns and standard measurements in her design and instead uses universal geometric shapes, from which our bodies and all matter originally is formed and communicates with.
This provides coherence between the garment and the body. Blueprints of the garment patterns follow these initial forms on atomic levels. Clothes are one size that can fit most people. They are mobile, alive and body-caring and divinely feminine.
These garments do not only dress physical essence, but also our emotional and spiritual essence in a holistic way.

As a designer I have studied pattern making, of course, but somehow I felt it difficult to learn. When I heard of one of the experts working on the measurement standards that 75 % of women do not fit them anyhow, I understood why.  It is material and time consuming to make garments for all sizes when it is possible to just have one. So I invented these garments that are one size to fit most. I started to use patterns for my clothing that are unlike I or any have seen before: geometrical shapes, stars, oktahedrons, crystalline sturctures, spirals, flower of life ect. Later I realized their meaning and function which is to resonate with body consciousness and activate cell DNA memory, promote well being,  creativity and Self love among other things.  This is the story: 


In the turn of the century I received the so called “faint signal” of the future potential of a new kind of clothing. In this case the signal was not so faint, but very loud, so that would not miss it and would accept the task.

The initiating words were “Open Sesame”, start the work!"

“In a few years time there will be a demand for new kinds of clothing which is considered well being promoting fashion. This is due to the altering perception of the body as divine and sacred. There will be change in the consumption patterns as more and more of the consumers become conscious. People will choose differently and no longer wish to eat what they ate before and wear the garments they wore before. This is because that become aware of the energies and the frequencies of the clothes and are looking for something to wear that would match the new higher frequencies of their new spiritual physicality and existence. “

So in this website you see the results of work of a decade in developing the IAMMAI Code with the guidance of the divine “fashion angels”.


IAMMAI fashion therapy: from Cinderella to a Superwoman!

IAMMAI is not only high vibrational fashion but also fashion therapy that activates body awareness and communication with a new powerful womanhood. IAMMAI Fashion Therapy is also a Mai´s Magic Wardrobe service.
Mai Niemi fashion brand is Mai Niemi Finnish Fairytale. It is a tool to help you live your fairytale life and transform from Cinderella to a Superwoman.


Mai Niemi Finnish Fairytale and IAMMAI brands are Nordic fashion light with the vision of the new sustainable world of fashion. They are freedom and well being for women to discover their true beauty and value as they are.


They are local sustainable fashion of global oneness, playfulness and fantasy, future memory and Kalevala in a modern way. Tribal jewelry and fairy inspired fashion for modern goddesses. Wearable etno-futuristic art for creative expression. All garments and accessories are one size, all season, all event multipurpose multilevel modern fashion with global and local roots.


Sustainability is our core value. When nature is happy, we humans are happy and well too.

Everything we make is handmade in Finland. Responsibility and transparency is very important to us. That's why we have gathered here the most important things about our production.

Our "factory"/showroom is located in a small town near Helsinki called Kauniainen.​



Manufacturer of clothes is Mai Niemi. She does all the clothes and accessories by hand. You can be sure that all the products are top quality as they are not made with machine but with hand and are being under watching eye all the time.

Zero Waste technique

All of the knitted ponchos and dresses are made by using zero waste technique. That means they are knitted straight to form and not cutted from fabrics. This technique ensures that all the material is used and no spare waste is produced.

Zero waste technique doesn't just save materials but also saves the world. 



Materials we use are carefully selected natural materials. We aim to use wool, cotton and linen as much as possible and try to avoid plastics and synthetic fibers. All of the knitted clothes and accessories are fully made from natural materials.

Our yarns are bought from different sources. Most of them are coming from Finland, England and Germany. Sometimes we use local yarn stores and handicraft stores to buy small amounts of yarns to create unique products or prototypes.

If you have anything you want to know about our production, feel free to contact us and we are glad to tell more. 

History of Finnish Fairytale













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