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Multidimensional fashion
Multidimensional fashion in shape of snowflake
Multidimensional fashion rose of joy brooch

IAMMAI holistic design concept

As a designer I have studied pattern making, of course, but somehow I felt it difficult to learn. When I heard of one of the experts working on the measurement standards that 75 % of women do not fit them anyhow, I understood why.  It is material and time consuming to make garments for all sizes when it is possible to just have one. So I invented these garments that are one size to fit most. I started to use patterns for my clothing that are unlike I or any have seen before: geometrical shapes, stars, oktahedrons, crystalline sturctures, spirals, flower of life ect. Later I realized their meaning and function which is to resonate with body consciousness and activate cell DNA memory, promote well being,  creativity and Self love among other things.  This is the story: 


In the turn of the century I received the so called “faint signal” of the future potential of a new kind of clothing. In this case the signal was not so faint, but very loud, so that would not miss it and would accept the task.

The initiating words were “Open Sesame”, start the work!"

“In a few years time there will be a demand for new kinds of clothing which is considered well being promoting fashion. This is due to the altering perception of the body as divine and sacred. There will be change in the consumption patterns as more and more of the consumers become conscious. People will choose differently and no longer wish to eat what they ate before and wear the garments they wore before. This is because that become aware of the energies and the frequencies of the clothes and are looking for something to wear that would match the new higher frequencies of their new spiritual physicality and existence. “

So in this website you see the results of work of a decade in developing the IAMMAI Code with the guidance of the divine “fashion angels”.

Mai Niemi Finnish Fairytale and IAMMAI brands are Nordic fashion light with the vision of the new sustainable world of fashion. They are freedom and well being for women to discover their true beauty and value as they are.


They are local sustainable fashion of global oneness, playfulness and fantasy, future memory and Kalevala in a modern way. Tribal jewelry and fairy inspired fashion for modern goddesses. Wearable etno-futuristic art for creative expression. All garments and accessories are one size, all season, all event multipurpose multilevel modern fashion with global and local roots.

History of Finnish Fairytale













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