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Multidimensional fashion -lecture at Ilon Valkeat fair inTampere 27.1.2024

Multidimensional creativity, Mai Niemi

As humanity, we are at a crossroads where we have to choose whether we want an artificial AI world or natural creativity and evolution. Do we outsource creativity to artificial intelligence or do we activate our inner latent creative potentials to create a new Golden Age, Paradise on Earth. In the lecture, Mai Niemi tells what multidimensional creativity is and how we can create together with invisible forces, nature spirits and angels and create a bridge between worlds. He applies the comprehensive IAMMAI tool in his own creative process and in creating the Magic Wardrobe.

Mai Niemi

Cultural shaper, Fashion artist and shaman, Feng Shui designer Mai Niemi

brings a new and even revolutionary approach to fashion with her comprehensive and multidimensional IAMMAI design innovation that connects worlds. In her design, Mai Niemi combines art, fashion, Feng Shui, golbals and local myths, Kalevala, fantasy, well-being, connection with nature and vibration technology. Mai uses ancient and modern science and biophysics to dress the body, mind and spirit and take a futuristic step into the future, a time when we use simple and organic know-how as a factor promoting the well-being of the individual and the environment in the design and manufacture of clothes. "My company is called Bliss Design Knitwear, which means heavenly joy. My mission is to help people express their true selves and experience bodily joy and well-being by dressing the whole being, body, mind and spirit, not just the surface. I work together with the Cosmic Fashion Council and nature spirits. "I am called the Alchemist of fashion, imparting spirit and divinity into form. I have been named Finland's Fairy Godmother because I bring the wisdom of the Kalevala and Finland's prehistoric past to this day. My distinctive ethno-futuristic style and Scandinavian mythology combine in my design with the magical touch of fairy tales and legends with modern minimalism, brightness and novelty."



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