Discover Fashion freedom

with the next generation authentic and fashion recycling innovation

Don´t throw away your favourite garments. Instead love them longer by restyling and recycling them with Mai Magic Wardrobe accessories.


THE ORIGINAL PROBLEM: A wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear? Or a shop full of clothes but nothing to buy?

Nothing your size, color, style, or lifestyle… Does it sound familiar? I solved this problem by creating the sustainable Mai´s Magic Wardrobe innovation!

Renew your wardrobe and your soul alike with Mai´s Magic sustainable Wardrobe. 

Give new life for your favourite and beloved clothes and refresh, renew and relove them and rediscover your authentic self.

Mai Niemi fashion is for all season, all age, all events, one size sustainably timeless and does not go out of fashion.

Every garment and accessorie is handmade with open heart of natural materials.

Find your own piece of Mai's wearable art from here.


Now there are happy women all over the world with their own Magic Wardrobes. 

Here is one: Michelle Karen´s MAGIC WARDROBE

Astrologer Michelle Karen from USA, busy travelling from event to event all around the world, uses Mai´s Magic Wardrobe to organize her clothing in a practical way. In this rare video Michelle demonstrates her Mai Niemi Helsinki wardrobe. She has another in France and one in USA.

The Magic Wardrobe is a social fashion and well-being innovation.

1. IIt has the idea of a modern folk costume: UNISIZE, UNIAGE, UNIEVENT, UNISEASON and even UNISEX.

2. This smart ecological fashion makes more of everything: recycles the contents of the existing wardrobe with versatile multi-faced and body-friendly BASIC and organic accessories.

3. You can mix and match its contents in a creative fashion play.

4.  It is creative fashion with a continuous fashion story that gets inspiration from the Finnish and Nordic lifestyle, culture and roots.

5. The Magic Wardrobe recycles itself.

Is a collection for everyone to create their own individual expressions. What's more, Mai Niemi's fashion does not go out of style, so you can fall in love with every nurturing piece in which your body and mind would thrive.


6. Mai Niemi fashion is sustainable and energetically pure and locally produced, timeless, yet trendy, conscious fashion for conscious consumers to support both their own and planetary holistic well-being.

For you to make dressing up easy every day

“This is fashion with built-in play and aesthetic art experience that can be felt.

It gets you out of the box into the free flow.” Eunique design fair, Germany.

The Magic Wardrobe is holistic IAMMAI wellbeing

IAMMAI fashion consists of different mutually supporting elements. It is trendy and yet timelessly suitable for all ages. One garment covers the needs of a wearer in a variety of situations, events and seasons. A garment or accessorie works by itself or in combination together, renewing or recycling the existing clothes and wardrobe. They are perfect travelling companions.
Less is though more and the stress associated with clothing choices decreases. Likewise, the load on the environment as the IAMMAI garment lasts time and use.

Fashion should also be fun. Mai Magic Wardrobe transforms also into role play and fantasy styles. That's how our inner little girl gets the attention and the fun she needs for her well being.



Mai Niemi unites fashion art, fengshui and mythology and fantasy in a modern way to function in everyday life.

Garments’ colour, material, movement, sacred geometry, symbols, energy all affect the total well being of the body and state of mind.

Mai Niemi fashion are one size garments that caress the body and mind and liberate the feminine forms from the standard main-stream fashion designs.

There is no age or size racism, Mai´s fashion fits most sizes and all ages, all seasons.

One garment can be worn in multiple of ways and styled individually or used as roleplay garment.

Mai Niemi fashion is bordeless, timeless experience of universal mythology, containing awakening elements of great cultures and ingidinous wisdoms.

Mai Niemi Design House works for better womanhood

We enhance the fashion World

- By empowering women by fashion.
- With happy, joyful, individual, uplifting and colorful fashion.
- By combining fashion and fengshui into a holistic fashion harmony and wellbeing.
- By ethically and locally produced fashion from natural materials.

- By making dressing easy using Mai s Magic Wardobe.

MAI NIEMI fashion designer B.A.hons


is known to be the pioneer of fengshui and multidimensional fashion. She has studied fashion in London at Central St.Martin´s College of Art and fengshui in The European School of Fengshui.

Today she lives and works in Finland where nature is constantly close and evolving, and gives her energy. However, her creativity is not restricted by any location on Earth. Her creativity stems from the inner harmony that she hopes transcends into her design and garments for everybody to enjoy.

Mai Niemi´s design is not restricted by the standard parameters of institutional design or by the main-stream commercial expectations. Instead the design process starts from the sense of natural flow which will merge the fabric with the final garment.