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Mai's Magic Wardrobe is a comprehensive space where magic happens on all levels.

It recycles and updates itself.

It renews old clothes, extending their life, so they don't have to be thrown away.

It's one size fits all, dresses both chubby and skinny people.

Is suitable for all ages, every season and occasion.

It is timeless and always fashionable.

It promotes creativity: with it you can personalize yourself individually and you can play with its parts, even role-play.

It is holistic: It dresses our body, mind and soul, our inner and outer self.

It is a transformative experience.

It is a story and it begets stories.

It communicates with the body, increases self-confidence and the joy of femininity.

No more Cinderellas.

It connects people as it makes you more you.

It has the memory of the future.

It is a quantum.

It has the shapes of nature sacred geometry and has Feng Shui in the design.

It connects with nature and our own nature.

Don´t throw away your favourite garments.

Instead love them longer by restyling and recycling them with Mai Magic Wardrobe accessories.

I get enchanted by being able to bridge worlds with my fashion - Mai Niemi

More Magic to your daily life

That is the purpose of the Magic Wardrobe is to enchant our daily lives with clothes that cheer up, that are joyful, but also functional and magical at the same time. My skill is to feel and sense the invisible world and the ability to bring this world visible in my creations. In that way my life is adventurous and enchanting. My creativity is a continuous source of wonders.

Fashion freedom

The goal of Mai’s ”Magic Wardrobe” is her ”Superfashion” Concept - the antithesis to
rapidfire fashion. Mai’s fashion line is inten
tionally created in away so wearers can utilizetheir creativity to mixand match Mai’s designs with accessories and have fun personalizing their own styles and
in this way her designs offer a sustainable solution to the alarming increase in waste
by the fashion industry.

Mai Niemi is a Nordic and Finnish lifestyle brand with special nature connection. Mai Niemi unites fashion, art, fengshui, mythology and fantasy in a modern way to function in everyday life.

The one size timeless products are suitable for every season, all ages, most sizes, occasions and events.

Every accessory works like a hologram, energizing the whole being.

"My mission is to design energetically pure clothes that make you feel at home and feel good." says Mai.

Mai Magic Wardobe collections:

Hair charms, Accessories, Earrings, Jewelry, Dresses, Knits, Ponchos, Head gear and Fairytale wedding collection.

The Magic Wardobe advantages:

Enhancing Creativity

Finding your own creative self
- With Mai Magic Wardrobe you
can enhance your own creativity
- Mitch and match different accessories and clothes
- Creating new ways to wear the contents
- Creative dressing up

They are also this:

Unisex – For every gender
Uniage – For all ages
Unisize – Fits almost every bodytype
Uniwear – for every event and season
Unitribe -for all generations
Uniplay - Roleplay option

Physical Advantages

• One size fitting all ages,
occasions, event and seasons
• Timeless, multipurpose, practical
• Renews and recycles old clothes
• Mobile, easy to move with
• Good when travelling
• Easy to combine
• Can use for roleplay
• Cantacts and unites people

Spiritual Advantages

• Increases creativity
• Increases Self Love
• Pathway to Inner consciousness
• Activates DNA
• Renewing and rejuvenating
• Vibrational technology
• Supports your femininity
• Heals
• Balance between mind, body and spirit


A wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear? Or a shop full of clothes but nothing to buy?

Nothing your size, color, style, or lifestyle… Does it sound familiar? I solved this problem by creating the sustainable Mai´s Magic Wardrobe innovation!

Mai Magic Wardrobe is a social, sustainable and well-being innovation and a solution to make dressing easy. It contains body friendly outfits, knitwear, accessories and jewelry that you can mix and match and combine creatively and use them to create your own individual and personal expressions and to discover your authentic self. You can also refresh and renew your existing garments with them.

Mai Niemi wearable art is locally made in Finland with love and care.

Ecology and sustainability

This smart ecological fashion makes more of everything: recycles the contents of the existing wardrobe with versatile multi-faced and body-friendly BASIC and organic accessories.

Don´t throw away your favourite garments. Instead love them longer by restyling and recycling them with Mai Magic Wardrobe accessories.



Now there are happy women all over the world with their own Magic Wardrobes. 

Here is one: Michelle Karen´s MAGIC WARDROBE

Astrologer Michelle Karen from USA, busy travelling from event to event all around the world, uses Mai´s Magic Wardrobe to organize her clothing in a practical way. In this rare video Michelle demonstrates her Mai Niemi Helsinki wardrobe. She has another in France and one in USA.


Mai Niemi Design House works for better womanhood

We enhance the fashion World

- By empowering women by fashion.
- With happy, joyful, individual, uplifting and colorful fashion.
- By combining fashion and fengshui into a holistic fashion harmony and wellbeing.
- By ethically and locally produced fashion from natural materials.

- By making dressing easy using Mai s Magic Wardobe.

MAI NIEMI fashion designer B.A.hons

ESOF FengShui consultant

Reconnective healer


is known to be the pioneer of fengshui and multidimensional fashion. She has studied fashion in London at Central St.Martin´s College of Art and fengshui in The European School of Fengshui.

Today she lives and works in Finland where nature is constantly close and evolving, and gives her energy. However, her creativity is not restricted by any location on Earth. Her creativity stems from the inner harmony that she hopes transcends into her design and garments for everybody to enjoy.

Mai Niemi´s design is not restricted by the standard parameters of institutional design or by the main-stream commercial expectations. Instead the design process starts from the sense of natural flow which will merge the fabric with the final garment.

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