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Meet designer Mai Niemi


Fashion artist Mai Niemi B.A.hons ​

Central St. Martin's College of Art, London

Feng Shui designer, European School of Fengshui

2011 Inno Omnia Design Dissident award

2007 Finland's Teva industry Finnish phenomenon award ​


Mai Niemi brings a new and revolutionary approach to fashion with her comprehensive and multidimensional IAMMAI innovation. It acts as a watershed that challenges the egalitarian mass fashion by offering organic clothes and stories that are inherently easy to relate to. ​

Mai Niemi combines art, fashion, Feng Shui, golbal and local myths, Kalevala, fantasy, well-being, connection with nature and vibration technology in her design. Her intimate fashion inspires people around the world.

She combines ancient and modern science and biophysics by dressing the body, mind and spirit and taking an ethno-futuristic step towards step, to a time when we use simple and organic know-how as a factor promoting the well-being of the individual and the environment in the design and manufacture of clothes. ​


"My company is called Bliss Design Knitwear, which means heavenly joy. My mission is to help people express their true selves and experience physical joy and well-being by dressing the whole being, body, mind and spirit, not just the surface.

I am called the Alchemist of fashion, who conveys spirit and divinity into form. I get inspiration from the geometric shapes of nature. I have been named Finland's Fairy Godmother because I convey the wisdom of the Kalevala and Finland's prehistoric past to this day. My distinctive ethno-futuristic style and Scandinavian mythology combine in my designs with fairy tales and legends to a magical touch with modern minimalism, brightness and novelty."



Mai was born in Kokkola, which was once the centre of Finnish fashion industry. At the age of 15 Mai accounced that she will become a fashion designer. A few years after she graduated from the world Number 1 ranked Central St. Martin´s College of Art in London. In the art school she discovered Finnish mythology and made her theses on Kalevala and its influence to Finnish design and art. Later Mai studied Feng Shui in European School of Fengshui.

Mai returned to Finland with the ambitious mission to design Finland to world fashion map. She first worked in fashion industry for few years and presented her first collection in Moscow. At one time she was creating collections with the famous Swedish designer Gudrun Sjöden. But the rundown of Finnish fashion industry had begun and one after another the factories closed down. There were no need for designers any more. 

In that situation Mai desided to become an independent designer and established her first company, Bliss Design Knitwear. At the same time she opened the first Designer Shop in Helsinki with two other designers. Her Helsinki Design Capitol Shop was in Esplanadi. Now her flagship store is in Helsinki Old town by the Senate Square. 

In her online store her fashion is available also for customers abroad.

The creation work of Mai Niemi

When the industrial designer career was over, Mai focused on creating the Finnish cultural knitwear heritage that the Finns lacked unlike the Norwegians or the Irish. So she created The Knitted Kalevala. When it was ready she  refined it into The Magic Wardrobe.


In 1999 Mai experienced a download of the New Earth Fashion codes. She was told that in the near future people would demand pure clothes and she has to start designing them. In 2000 she started to apply this information to her designs and created a holistic approach to design by combining art, Fengshui, Pyramid science and Kalevala wisdom in order to create sustainable wellbeing IAMMAI concept and The Magic Wardrobe.

Her company is called Bliss Design Knitwear which means heavenly joy. Her mission is to help people express their true self and to bring about body bliss, joy and wellbeing by dressing the whole essence, body, mind and spirit, not just the surface. 


Mai came here to to be the Fairy Godmother - to wake up the earth and land of Sleeping Beauties with her Finnish Fairytale.

Mai is I am backwards and she is named the fashion Alchemist who wields spirit and divinity into form inspired of nature´s geometric forms, fairies and dragons. She is named also the Fairy Godmother of Finland as to pay tribute to Kalevala wisdom and Finland´s pre-historic past as one of the most original Finnish fashion designers. Her recognizable etno-futuristic style and Scandinavian mythology combines the magic touch of fairytales and legends with modern minimalism, brightness and novelty.

Global Blue


Mai Niemi B.A. hons. Central St.Martin´s College of Art

Mai Niemi Fashion Designer & fengshui fashion consultant European School of Fengshui

Other: London University - Art, Swedish A-levels, Needlecraft and dress Hammersmith CollegeLondon Drama School, Aalto University, Inno Omnia, Haaga-Helia Business College

Awards: The Inno Omnia Design dissident Award in 2011 and Finnish Textile Industry Finland Phenomena award in 2007.

Companies Bliss Design Knitwear and Mai Niemi Design House located in Kauniainen, Finland.

Mai Niemi Finnish Fairytale flag ship Shop is situated in the heart of Helsinki, in Senate Square at Katariinankatu 4.

Contact info

Mai Niemi Design House

Puutarhatie 4, 02700 Kauniainen, Finland

+358 44 595 7476

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