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The Body Feng Shui

concept promotes wellbeing in our body.

These times of great change lay claims to our body. Our body has become more sensitive for the energies and ethics of food and clothes. This is because our bodies have become multidimensional and we require new kind of pure food and clothing to feel well and thrive in this new energy and 5 D world. 

Body Feng Shui concept assists in integrating the new energies.

What fengshui is?

Feng Shui is 5000 years old energy tool that the Chinese Emperors and ancient Egyptians knew and used also to their clothing. Many indigenous cultures still know it and use it as means of connecting to nature elements with what they wear. In Finnish mythology the creator is the Mother of Wind and Water. Feng Shui means Wind and Water. The most popular garment is the Wind Suit which has become a modern national costume.

Art of living by honoring roots - Kalevala fengshui wisdom

Feng Shui is a natural part of the indigenous cultures all over the world. Self-esteem arises from strong roots, knowing who you are and where you come from.

The Kalevala is the Finnish national epic and a fengshui guide to nature. Its creator is the Mother of Wind and Water, Ilmatar. Fengshui means WindWater. The Kalevala is the root of the Fengshui of northern shamanism, which over time passed east by run singing and was documented there when riting was invented. Finnish Fairytale is a dressing card that allows us to express our identity.

In the modern times Fengshui is used as a holistic tool to create favourable and harmonius energies into our lives by connecting to Nature Elements to create auspicious energy flow in our home, office, garden and dressing to improve all aspects of living: wealth, health, relationships ect.  

What is Body fengshui?

Our bodies have a consciousness that reacts to how we feel about ourselves, what perception we have of ourselves and how we treat our bodies. According to quantum physics, all matter reacts to love. Using Fengshui means better communication with our body.


Consider your body as your home. Body Feng Shui is about making your body home pleasant place for your spirit to live in. When you dress up, you don´t just dress the physical body, but the inner self too, mind, spirit, aura, your personal energies.

Our bodies have a consciousness that reacts to how we feel about ourselves, what perception we have of ourselves and how we treat our bodies.

Body Feng Shui in fashion


Fashion artist and fengshui consultant Mai Niemi masters personal energy changes that change lives. Body Fengshui is a holistic dressing idea and concept that has a transformative effect on body awareness. By allowing your true personality and timeless beauty to emerge, physical, mental and financial well-being and success can be created. Mai Niemen's Body Fengshui program is called Dress for joy. That goal is to lighten life and put a permanent smile on the face. And bring out the You you've been dreaming of. Instead of hiding our strengths, we can love who we are and love what we look like.

BODY FENG SHUI promotes sustainable fashion world.

Textile waste is a big problem. It is created when people buy clothes that don´t wear and then they throw them away. We can avoid this by learning to buy clothes that match our individual style and dressing our authentic selves. 

BODY FENG SHUI makes a shift

Body Feng Shui creates amazing energetic shifts by harmonizing your style with your spirit. True personal power cannot be acquired from outside of you, however, it can be enhanced and developed from within. When you make subtle changes in your clothing and hair, your charisma comes through. Your body's energy actually shifts. The “It” factor happens for you!

Through traditional things: home, garden and dressing you can make a difference in your life. When you make your surroundings look like yourself, you increase the magnetic force in your life. When giving up the old you, think about what you want to replace.

BODY FENG SHUI helps to create your signature style

Body Fen shui sees your body as the key to freeing your inner chi. How do you then translate your inner chi into your signature style? What is the texture of your skin and hair? Which styles compliment your own shapes, colors and textures? How your body moves reveals who you are and which cuts and fluidity are the best looks for you. By using new scientific information about the source of all personality types and combining it with ancient Feng Shui principles, your personal power is unleashed. We promise!

BODY FENG SHUI makes dressing easy

Body Fen shui helps you easily make choices so that everything in your wardrobe and home “work together.” You’ll conquer stores quickly, saving time, energy and money! You’ll see the difference in how people perceive and receive you. When you talk… the world will listen. What better way to have your dreams come true! Your success is our passion!

What the fashion fengshui tools are?

Our surroundings affect create us in many ways. Fengshui offers tools that we can work to surround ourselves with things that bring us joy and are meaningful to us. This can be done intuitively by Five element tool and also by using fengshui astrology to determine our personal Five elements, Yin and Yang and their correlation to our life.

In dressing we are offered energizing tools like colors, shapes, forms, symbols, movement, materials to add more life into our outfit and also into our life. The goal is to express who we are and become who we truly are.

What is Fenghsui in practice?

NATURE and all life are made up of Five Elements.


WOOD energy is active, initiative, revitalizing and motivating, growth. Wood energy manifests in physical forms in greens and blue greens. It has vertical shapes and is represented by plant-based materials.

FIRE energy is exciting, fame, fun, sexuality. It´s physical forms are colors red, scarlet, fuchsia, violets. Triangular shapes represent Fire.  Fire materials are silk, wool and fur.

EARTH elemental energy is nurturing. It expresses itself by stability, nurturing and tradition.  Colors are yellows, browns and earth tones. Earth shapes are square and materals like ceramics and pottery.

METAL energy is refined. It´s expressions are is organization, completion and elegance.  Metal shapes are oval, circles and arches. Materials are metallic fabrics, metal objects.

WATER is deep. It represent creativity, intellect and spirituality. Water elements manifests physically in black, navy, turquoises. It has asymetrical shapes  and it´s energy is flowing and reflective.

We all are made of these 5 elements. Fashion fengshui offers tools that you can use and work with when choosing the most beneficial outfits for you. We can work with these elements intuitively to add beauty and functionality to our wardrobe and also by determining our own Self Elements and assisting elements to understand more of our individual needs.

Each of us represents one of these elements as a Self-element.

Energizing fengshui dress gives energy and support through our personal elements. It is possible by opening up communication with Oneself, harmonizing the elements of both Yin and yang, and improving the flow of energy in the state of the body.

What are the benefits of fengshui dressing?  



When your outer self and inner self are in alignment, you express your true self. 

FENG SHUI creates amazing energetic changes aligning your style with your spirit.

These times of great change lay claims to our body.  By expressing ourselves, we greet others in the flow of recognition. Fengshui wardrobe works as a visiting card that tells others who you are. Fashion Fengshui creates a favourable dwelling place for the spirit to live in our body. It helps to find a holistic and individual fashion expression, to unite the inner and outer worlds and to balance the masculine and feminine energies.

True personal power and self-confidence cannot be acquired from the outside, but it can be lifted and developed from within. When you make small changes to your clothes and hair, your charisma will come out. Your personal magnetism increases when you express who you are. Your personal style works like a visiting card that help others to find and connect with you more easy.  

Fashion Fengshui is a new clothing culture that opens up a new perspective based on your own needs to how best express yourself and who you are. It will make your choices easier, provide support and increase your self-confidence.


How to dress in Self Love

Unique yourself our Fashion Fengshui​ services and experience the joy of finding yourself.

Is your closet full of clothes, but you have nothing to wear?

Or are the shops full of clothes, but nothing for you to buy?

Is dressing frustrating, a place of complete chaos and stress?

Clothes lost, expression lost, yourself lost? Do you feel you are invisible?

If this is the case, you may need personal consulting to find out more precisely what to wear and what to buy to enjoy your dressing up as you.


We are all our unique personalities. With Fengshui, we can find our own personal expression and style and release your own power. Which styles complement your own shapes, colors, and patterns? Your body movements reveal who you are and what cuts and shapes are best for you. Fashion Fengshui allows you to easily make choices so that everything in your wardrobe and in yourself matches you. 

Visiting our clothing store saves time, energy and money and your nerves! 

You notice the difference in how people experience and see you. When you talk ... the world listens. What better way to make your dreams come true!

To order

With SELF ELEMENT CHART you get to know your self element plus other 4 elements and power animals associated with them plus short introduction to the chart info.

For this I need your full name, date, location, hour and place of birth.

Send your date and place of birth and the time of birth and I will calculate you your Self Element.

Price 75 €

With SELF ELEMENT dressing CHART you get your personal Element chart and your individual instruction guide how to dress according to your elements to support you in wealth, relationships, health, career ect.

For these I need your full name, date, location, hour and place of birth.

Price 275€


MAI NIEMI - the designer behind the Magic Wardrobe

My passion is to empower women and feminity with fashion.

I am a fashion designer graduated form Central St. Martin´s College of Art in London and a Feng Shui fashion consultant graduated from European School of Fengshui. I use my design skills together with my fengshui and fengshui astrology expertese to design empowering garments to make dressing up an easy and enjoyable and transforming experience that lightens up your body space and mind in an instant.

My fashion products are designed according to fengshui principles to create holistic wellbeing and living garments and accessories by means of color, light language, vibrations, nature forms, ancient power symbolism and sacred geometry, movement and ecological materials that connect with our inner and outer nature. 



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