Unique yourself with Fashion Fengshui



Feng Shui is 5000 years old energy tool that the Chinese Emperors and ancient Egyptians knew and used also to their clothing. Many indigenous cultures still know it and use it as means of connecting to nature elements with what they wear. In Finnish mythology the creator is the Mother of Wind and Water. Feng Shui means Wind and Water. The most popular garment is the Wind Suit which has become a modern national costume.

These times of great change lay claims to our body. Our body has become more sensitive for the energies and ethics of the garment. Body Fengshui applies the Fengshui principles to energise,  harmonize and magnetize the body space as the home of our spirit. By expressing ourselves, we greet others in the flow of recognition. Fengshui wardrobe works as a visitng card that teLls others who you are. Fashion Fengshui creates a favourable dwelling place for the spirit to live in. It helps to find a holistic and individual fashion expression, to unite the inner and outer worlds and to balance the masculine and feminine energies.




NATURE is made up of five elements.

The Five Elements

We all are made of these 5 elements. Fashion fengshui offers tools that you can use and work with when choosing the most beneficial outfits for you.



Each of us represents one of these elements as a self-element.

Energizing fengshui dress gives energy and support through your element. It is possible by opening up communication with one's Self, harmonizing the elements of both Yin and yang, and improving the flow of energy in the state of the body.

Mai Niemi combines the therapeutic effects of art with clothing. The information, colors, shapes, symbols, materials and energy movement of the garment take care of the body's energetic state and increase its level of vibration. Mai Niemi fashion is a pure and ethical natural product that releases from the box into a free flow and creates a comfortable state of mind.

Enjoy your dressing up!


Our Fashion Fengshui services. For these I need your full name, date, location, hour and place of birth. https://www.mainiemi.com/contact

Self Element chart:

Send your date and place of birth and the time of birth and I will calculate you your Self Element.

Price 50 €

Self Element chart plus your personal feng shui dressing guide

Price 275€



Art of living by honoring roots


Fenf Shui is a natural part of the indigenous cultures all over the world. Self-esteem arises from strong roots, knowing who you are and where you come from.

The Kalevala is the Finnish national epic and a fengshui guide to nature. Its creator is the Mother of Wind and Water, Ilmatar. Fengshui means WindWater. The Kalevala is the root of the Fengshui of northern shamanism, which over time passed east by run singing and was documented there when riting was invented. Finnish Fairytale is a dressing card that allows us to express our identity.



A wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear? Shop full of clothes, but nothing to buy?

Does this sound familiar?

Is dressing frustrating, a place of complete chaos and stress? Clothes lost, expression lost, self lost?

Do you feel you are invisible?



Body Fengshui is a new clothing culture. It opens up a new perspective based on your own needs to how best express your self and who you are. It will make your choices easier, provide support and increase your self-confidence.



Our bodies have a consciousness that reacts to how we feel about ourselves, what perception we have of ourselves and how we treat our bodies. According to quantum physics, all matter react to love.




When you dress your body, you also dress your mind and spirit.  


Body & fahsion Fengshui is a holistic dressing idea and concept that transforming the body's consciousness. By allowing a true personality and timeless beauty to emerge, physical and mental well-being and success can be created. That goal is to lighten life and put a lasting smile on your face. AND TO BRING up the you WHAT YOU DREAMED of.

Instead of hiding our power, we can love who we are and to love what we look like.



When your outer self and inner self are in alignement, you are able to express your true self.

Self-confidence requires authenticity, that you are who you are and you express it. This requires respect for your own lifestyle, your own self and to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE! Beauty comes from within, but somehow it has to get to the surface.


BODY FENG SHUI creates amazing energetic changes aligning your style with your spirit. True personal power cannot be acquired from the outside, but it is can be lifted and developed from within. When you make small changes to your clothes and hair, your charisma will come out. At the same time as your body's energy, CHI is transformed. So how do you convert your inner chi into your own style?


We are all our unique personalities. With Fengshui, we can find our own personal expression and style and release your own power. What is the structure of YOUR skin and hair? Which styles complement your own shapes, colors, and patterns? Your body movements reveal who you are and what cuts and shapes are best for you. Body Fengshuin allows you to easily make choices so that everything in your wardrobe and in yourself matches you.

Visiting our clothing store saves time, energy and money and your nerves!

You notice the difference in how people experience and see you. When you talk ... the world listens. What better way to make your dreams come true!


Through traditional things: home, garden and dressing you can make a difference in your life. When you make your surroundings look like yourself, you increase the magnetic force in your life. When giving up the old you, think about what you want to replace ...



You connect with your true beauty and power.

You will be noticed and attracted to others like a magnet.

The best rejuvenation surgery

Increase self-confidence

Makes clothing choices easier and simpler and reduces shopping

SaveS money!

You can give up shopping for clothes you don't wear

You appreciate the uniqueness of yourself and others

Your relationships and careers will improve

You will learn to love yourself and your body as you look in the mirror.

You stop criticizing “Problem” your areas ”.

You get in touch with your body and your own unique rhythm and yourself

You will learn to dress up and express your true, inner self.

You are who you are!

You’ll notice how your clothing and outfit choices affect how others do experience you.

You will learn to use and understand the information contained in colors

and the effect of the colors you use.


Get wellbeing with your clothing

Our surroundings forms us, so we need to form our surroundings said Winston Churchill.

In Finland we say: The Forest will answer how it is called.

Fengshui is an ancient old method in connecting to nature´s wavelength. It was used universally to dressing in China court and also in Egypt known as Pyramid science where they used Geometry in creating ceremonial garments. The Fenno-Ugric cultures embroidered for instance empowering Goddess symbols and information to garments in order to identify the origin of the wearer.


The Finnish Fenno-Ugric shamanic tribes still live across Siberia and beyond Ural mountains and in course of time passed on this information verbally and by singing to China where it was written down when the Chinese invented writing. There it transformed into Taoism, Martial arts, Fengshui and Chinese medicine. As a Fenno-Ugric fengshui designer, I use this holistic wellbeing knowledge in my fashion design. I named it IAMMAI Body Fengshui. The purpose is to enhance overall wellbeing by creating an auspicious surrounding for our body space inside out.


Super natural clothing


We are what we think of ourselves. Body Fengshui designs the body space to correlate with our true selves by dressing body, mind and spirit. The best thing to do this is to surround ourselves with Love vibrations and give our body loving thoughts and energy: Everything pure that has been produced ethically with love and also with nature´s benefit: Super food, -cosmetics, -clothes. They work as beneficial positive care affirmations to the body to create multilevel health, wellbeing and harmony by increasing Self Love.


For me as an artist matter is moldable vibrating energy that can be transformed into visible products with the desired energy to improve one´s connection to nature and communication to oneself and body consciousness. To thrive in the body.

Benefits of Iammai Body FengShui

    - 6 Billion potential users
  - Portable, wearable
  - Does not require any additional apps or devices
  - Will not break
  - Operates under all conditions
  - Does not require batteries, charging and electricity
    - Biosemiotic platform installed by birth
  - Can be applied to all that we put on the body or with what we surrounds ourself
  - Energy and value-based
    - Applies and uses the available energy-containing and producing sources of energy such as

      color, motion, form, symbolism, geometry, play, natural materials.


    - holistic well-being
  - promotes sustainable development
  - provides an easy way to maintain vitality and lifeforce and design body space

    - feminine technology vibrational app


IAMMAI is vibrational fashion


DNA is our inner internet. DNA attracts and conveys information to cells and to our consciousness. Our body is a vast wise universe with its laws and functions of its own. It is beneficial to be in a good relationship with it. It has incredible healing powers of its own. Few times in my dream state I have visited myself in my inner computer run by body elementals and received instructions to good health.


Ethically pure Iammai fashion is like a positive affirmation to the body. It is multidimensional design concept that uses for instance colors, pure materials, nature´s forms, symbols, sacred geometry, warmth and movement to keep body space alive and vibrant with good energy flow for the wearer to feel at home and safe in the body. The makers emotional state is conveyed to the materia. All is hand made by myself with loving hands. I am a fengshui fashion designer, but also a Reconnective energy healer, so this healing energy is conveyed to all that I make. And an enchanted plus is that in each product you get an elemental fairy to bring you more joy and magic to your lives.

Blessed with gratitude of Mother Earth.