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Renew your wardrobe and your soul alike. Kalevala and folklore inspired sustainable knitwear fashion. Every clothing and accessorie has been made with love from carefully selected natural materials. Every product is produced nature friendly and ethically. We want to encourage people to buy sustainable "slow fashion" instead of "fast fashion" and also to recycle and renew the old. With Mai's clothing and accessories you can easily renew your old clothes!


Find your own piece of Mai's wearable art and from here. Click the buttons below to see all the product options and colors.  Step into The Magic Wardrobe!

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Discover Mai Niemi in Helsinki

Mai Niemi Finnish Fairytale bazaar shop and showroom is located in the heart of Old Helsinki Tori quarters. The premises is renovated to the year it was  built in 1763 and offers a sight of that era architecture. The shop is the only Kalevala shop in Finland exhibiting designs and fashion stories inspired by the Finnish national epic and Finnish nature and lifestyle. The shop is slightly hidden as you first need to step in to Oma Puoti and then to the left room, where we are located.

Mai Niemi Finnish Fairytale shop

Katariinankatu 4 B, Senate Square, 00170 Helsinki