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IAMMAI clothes and accessories have built-in sustainable thinking, recycling and reuse.

All items are knitted with the zerowaste principle.

All clothes are one size to fit most consumers. In this way, less can be produced.

Knitwear and clothes are suitable for every season and every occasion, they are timeless and ageless at the same time trendy here and now.

Renew your wardrobe and your soul alike with Mai´s Magic sustainable Wardrobe. 

Give new life for your favourite and beloved clothes and refresh, renew and relove them and rediscover your authentic self.

       Mai Niemi fashion is for all season, all age, all events, one size sustainably timeless and does not go out of fashion.

Every garment and accessorie is handmade with open heart of natural materials.

Find your own piece of Mai's wearable art from here.

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