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The Nordic Star Poncho - 100% wool, one size

Be a Star!

This one size knitted poncho is made of pure light wool. It is a versatile,  feminine and always chic looking and is easy to dress on any outfit, occasion and season. Superfashion at its best!

Made in the Northern land of Kalevala, for you to shine, to be a Star of your life!

The Nordic star poncho is a 5 pointed pentagram, the symbol of divine feminine power. Pentagram shape was considered in the olden times to have mighty protective meaning. It originates from Babylonia where it was a symbol of Ishtar and planet Venus. Pythagoras considered it as the symbol of spiritual and physical health.

Body Fengshui: Every cell in our body is pentaconal. So the shape resonates with our body. 

"According to Kalevala the North Star, the Golden Pole star, is shining on the top of the Tree of Life that holds up the skies and around which all the stars, the Speckled Cover, in the Universe are rotating."

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