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Mai Niemi Finnish Fairytale in Enchanted Living magazine, USA

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Spiritual Fashion trend by Mai Niemi

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Vesáa Rjse


I buy Mai Niemi Fairytale products because there is a certain element that accompanies these items when worn around the neck, wriest, shoulders, hair and head. For me, these elements place me in state of "charm" similar to how I feel when I'm walking in the forest on a beautiful Autumn evening with the colourful ruska (leaf foliage) enchanting my spirt.

In my life, I've always searched for these charms whether it is the area I live in or the mood of a restaurant I choose to eat at. However, this is the first time I find clothing items that give me that charm, which I search for in all aspects of my life. I believe this is because of Mai's ability to transcend these delicate spirts of the forest into each weave she makes through those beautiful items.

Thus, as person who is perceived as male, I do not choose Mai's product based on whether or not they have been designed for males or females, I choose them because of how they make me feel and what charm they surround me with. If I can give any advice to the male shoppers at Mai Niemi Fairytale, pick the item that speaks to you, one that gives you that magical spark, regardless of how standard or non-standard it may seem to others. You will now how to choose once you try that item on and allow your inner feelings to guide you.

My favourite items that give me that charm are "City Shaman garland", "Tribal Pendant" and "City Shaman Fringe Bracelet". And I can't wait to try the other ones on. I bought those directly from Mai Niemi Fairytale Shop in Helsinki. You can also find them at



Global Blue Mai Niemi


MAI NIEMI – Finnish Fairytale

From the deep forests and blue lakes, from the Santa Claus cabin to the ancient goddesses of Finland, Mai Niemi ́s design tells the stories of the Nordic nature. Mai ́s design is timeless and contemporary, it just doesn't follow any trends but chooses instead to focus on the creativity of the wearer.


Mai Niemi uses high-quality materials to develop her charming items of clothing and accessories and her laboriously produced ponchos and shawls take wearer to the journey to the magical world of Finland.


Once upon a Time:

Fairy tales have long formed part of the Scandinavian psyche, inspired in no small part by the landscapes of Finland and other Nordic countries. And while their magic may have waned in the 21st century, a raft of taste-makers and contemporary fashion designers are keeping their spirit alive.

“Finland is a magical land of forests and thousands of lakes. Nature is always close, and Finnish artists have always been inspired by its beauty”, says Mai Niemi, the designer behind the fashion label Finnish Fairytale. “The fairy world is a great source of inspiration for me. Finnish mythology is intertwined with that of the Vikings and Celts, and with the Scandinavian sagas. Our country´s culture of story-telling even inspired J.R.R. Tolkien in creating The Lord of the Rings.” It is easy to see something of the ethereal, Tolkien-esque elfin queen in Mai Niemi´s designs.

After studying art at London´s Central St.Martin`s, she returned to Helsinki and carved out a career conjuring up whimsical, flowing and feminine pieces that alude to Norse heritage. Intricate braiding and beadwork, trailing hemlines, fringing and elements of nature, from feathers to peaces of wood, are all worked in her designs.

“Fairies like to dance, move, play and of course dress up”, she says with a smile in reference to the procession of forest nympfs in saturated saffron, tangerine and olive tones that she debuted for this autumn/winter. “I´d like to think of what I do is also a kind of role-play fashion to express fantasies.”


In her designs Mai Niemi combines art, fashion, feng shui, global and local myths, fairy world fantasy, well-being, nature connection and role play. The inspiration behind Mai Niemi’s modern and timeless design pays tribute to the Finno-Ugric tribes and the Finnish epic Kalevala. Her local fashion has a global story inspiring people all over the world.


EUNIQUE arts & carfts design fair bulletin Mai Niemi

Fashion with Nordic flair


For Mai Niemi, 2012 is a very special year. She has now been designing Finnish fashion for 25 years. Her creations succeed in being both timeless and contemporary. This sounds like a contradiction, but it's really not. Niemi just doesn't follow any trends in her designs, and chooses instead to focus on the creativity of the wearer. The concept followed by this Finnish designer is amazingly simple. Mai Niemi uses high-quality materials to develop her charming items of clothing and accessories.


Her laboriously produced ponchos and shawls are real eye-catchers. But that's not all. No woman is required to drop a few pounds in order to be able to wear Mai Niemi's designs, or to perhaps wish for a bit more in some places. After all, fashion should fit the woman, not the other way round. That sounds almost too good to be true but this designer knows what she's talking about. Like many other women, she herself, with her rather petite figure, doesn't match the standard clothes sizes. Mai Niemi decided to make a virtue out of necessity and started creating her own, very individual line of clothing.


The items produced by this designer take the wearer on a journey that, in the case of the Amazon Blanket, may even transport her as far as the Amazonian rainforest. But Mai Niemi doesn't only draw her inspiration from landscapes. A look back at history and the world of fables in particular also provides great stimulus. As for many Finns, the Kalevala also plays a significant role in Mai Niemi's work. This Finnish national epic poem, based on the verbal tradition of myths and heroic sagas, is heavily influenced by nature cults.


For Mai Niemi, these are not merely the stories of her ancestors. On the contrary, she is able to derive something from them for use in her own trade. The notion of sustainability is of central importance in her fashion. Less is more, that's her motto. In her designs, she doesn't just set great store by a high-value product. Rather she invites her customers to combine items in their own existing wardrobe with items from her collection. In this way, this Finn's creations can be seen as an invitation to her customers to themselves be creatively active and thus develop their own fashion line, timeless and yet contemporary.


Mai Niemi at Helsinki Fashion week:

This Finnish designer draws inspiration from tales of the Nordic region for her charming, fanciful collections, which bring together age-old references and a modern minimalism.


Helsinki Design District

Mai Niemi at Helsinki Fashion week

Beauty Highlights:



Adventures in Arctic Lapland

Celia Fenn

Starchildglobal, Cape Town South Africa



Featured Designer : MAI NIEMI and Finnish Fairytale.

Those of you who have met me will probably remember that I love beautiful clothes. It runs in my grandmother was a dressmaker and my sister began her career as a Fashion designer. My mother taught us both to sew when we were young, and I made my own clothes until I was in my twenties. Now, as I travel the World, it is always a delight to buy beautiful clothes in exotic places!

However, recently there have been such huge shifts in the Planetary Energies and Consciousness, that Clothing and what we wear has become a part of the changes. Speaking for myself, I am wanting to wear clothes that expresses the frequencies of the New Consciousness, in Color, Style, Fabrics and Ethical qualities.

That means clothing that is created with Love and Passion from Materials that are ethically sourced and are often hand made. And sometimes...even making your own! I do...and it can be fun!

The Joy is in putting together a look that reflects Who You Are and what you feel, and not what the Fashion Industry dictates. I don't know about you, but I guess I am tired of trying to be thin and look twenty, wearing mass produced clothes made in China that look good on anorexic teenagers only and are also produced in non-ethical circumstances, often in sweat shops and with child labor. I want clothes that are Individual and beautiful, that allow me to feel like what I am - a middle aged woman - but yet still to express the Divine Feminine Goddess within. Of course, these beautiful clothes can be worn by women of all ages to express their Inner Goddess.

The Concept for "New Earth Soul" clothing is Beautiful Garments and Styles for women of all ages. The Clothes bring out the essential Feminine energy of Beauty - and every Woman is Beautiful in her own way regardless of her age and size.

So, with this in mind, I have been using my working trips abroad to source clothing, designers and connections, that reflect the Energy of the New Earth Soul, and sharing this with You!

Have fun with me and discover the Divine Feminine Goddess within that can be expressed by what you choose to wear. The Indigenous Peoples of the Earth all know that "dressing up" is Sacred and reflects Divinity. So...I like to "dress up" every day and let my Inner Divinity shine through.


While I was in Finland, I had the pleasure of working with Finnish designer Mai Niemi, whose clothes and fashion ethic are a reflection of the New Earth energies. Mai's clothing line, called "Finnish Fairytale", is a reflection of her Joy and Enthusiasm for life. It is filled with the Magical energy of the Finnish Forest fairies...and also the energy of the Divine Feminine.


Michelle Karen

Los Angeles, USA.


I love the colors that Mai Niemi uses and the profound creativity and originality of her collections. I love that she uses only natural fibers and that each piece has a story that continues the ancient Kalevala teachings, bringing them alive in present times, in our modern world.

And that is what is so unique in Mai Niemi's designs: they are not just clothes, they are filled with a spiritual light that connects us with the truth of who we really are.

I always wear her designs when doing shamanic ceremonies, not only because they are incredibly beautiful and flattering, but also because they help me shape shift. They make me become the trees of the Finnish forrest. They enable me to communicate with the earth spirits. They share with me the wisdom of the Ancient Ones. I can feel the depth of my own Finnish roots and the magic and power they convey to my own work. In Mai Niemi's clothes I feel that nothing is impossible.

She is the fairy who weaves for us the clothes –the keys-- to become urban shamans, magicians, creating the world we wish for into being.

Michelle Karén, M.A., D.F. Astrol.S.
Astrologer to the Stars in Hollywood
at the 78th Academy Awards,
International conference speaker, Shaman
Author of Astrology For Enlightenment
(Simon & Schuster, NY)
Los Angeles, CA


 Jaana Huitti


"Mai, you design and implement the stunning knitwear and accessories for women ..

They make a woman to open to her real womanhood and natural radiation.

Your fashion offers men the chance to see the true beauty of a woman, as the earths power,
warmth and softness of your creations is also conveyed to them.

When a woman radiates, it opens the man's real strength.

So beautiful is the joy of your garmets for everyone."





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