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Skandiastyle highlights Mai Niemi on Helsinki fashion week

Every late July when the midnight sun rises in Helsinki, the city not only gets invaded by light, but by fashion. Despite only being three years young, Helsinki Fashion Week already attracts fashionistas from all over the world, and this year was no exception. Something was different this time around though - 2018 will be remembered as the year when Helsinki Fashion Week successfully presented the first ever 100% sustainable Fashion Week, and man they did it in style!With 30 super sustainable brands from all over the world taking the stage at the eco-village venue, the hyper-cosmopolitan vibe was on fire and we loved seeing the outstanding mix of styles. But we have to play favourites and highlight two Finnish brands, that delivered fantastic collections. read more

Some of our highlights include Mai Niemi, with an amazing mix of textures and a rustic chic style.

Great runway shows are more than just cool clothes, and the makeup and styling during Mai Niemi's runway was stunning.

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