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Nokillmag on Helsinki Fashion Week: Mai Niemi is on the key designer radar

Runway Rendezvous: A Recap of the Captivating Collections at Helsinki Fashion Week

Did you know that sustainability and edginess could coexist beautifully? Experience the fascinating fusion of eco-consciousness and cutting-edge designs at Helsinki Fashion Week. Sustainability makes for good company. While the spotlight is on the big four (New York, London, Paris, and Milan), Helsinki Fashion Week is the world’s first to have the goal of 100% sustainability. During the July 20-23 event’s ninth iteration, nonconformist designers stoked the fires of social change through their innovative and environmentally-friendly design practices. You could call it otherworldly The lines between physical and digital dimensions were blurred; previously, within the Nordic week’s Digital Village, attendees could wear looks in cyberspace and purchase ‘Phygital’ garments. That being said, this year’s main focus was on executing change within this world: prioritizing inclusion during the fashion shows, highlighting circular initiatives and bringing more attention to tumultuous mental health conditions within the industry. Regarding circularity, event founder Evelyn Mora explained her partnerships with TheEcoVillage and CircularEconomy: “It is most vital to work and collaborate across industries. It’s the ultimate key to realizing a circular economy in all sectors and aspects of human life… together, we have the power to inspire people to see the benefits and adopt a circular lifestyle. At No Kill, we wholeheartedly agree with Mora’s community-minded approach. Altering the global outlook on fashion takes more than a village – it takes another world. Believe us; we’ve been there and back in our pursuit of a more sustainable future. Below are some of Helsinki’s Angels – in other words, some of the key designers that you want on your radar.

Nokillmag on Mai Niemi

Kauniainen-based Mai Niemi is known as Finland’s Fairy Godmother for a reason. The designer aims to combine “art, fashion, Feng Shui, global and local myths, Kalevala, fantasy, wellbeing, connection with nature and vibration technology” in her design. It pays off: the Nordic Paradise Collection debuted at Helsinki Fashion Week to considerable acclaim for its “wearable nature experience,” highlighting the mythical fables and spirits of Finland.

While far more complex than the standard two-step process of waving a wand and observing results, this magical recipe is undeniably worthwhile. After all, was Cinderella’s dress sustainable and organically produced? We didn’t think so. Admittedly, it is simple to blame certain brands or industry practices. Brandishing a zero-waste technique and avoiding the hindrances of plastic and synthetic fiber, Mai Niemi is under no such illusions. Weaving feathers and textiles in an intricate display, Niemi understands saving the planet is no matter of witchcraft but taking responsibility into our own hands.

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