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Finnish Kalevala wisdom: Sampo

Sampo, The Magic Mill of Wealth and Abundance

Kalevala is the Finnish matriarchal rune wisdom and prophesy epic of the lost and the return of the Golden Age and the great Magi, Väinämöinen, who promised to return when we have no Moon, nor Sun nor Joy of living.

Kalevala archetype gods and goddessess are ever evolving. Kalevala echoes the ancient matriarchy paradise and Terra Feminarum, the land of the Women, era of peace and abundance.

Kalevala is the story of Sampo, The Magic Mill of Wealth, we once had that flowed effortlessly provisions and wellbeing to everyone from the Great Mother Nature. But it was broken into thousand pieces when stolen to the possession of the patriarchy that wanted to possess it. The great calamity fell upon mankind as Sampo only works by sharing and gifting its treasures.

But now we have the opportunity to restore the Sampo as the source of spiritual wellbeing and joy followed by an unpresedented material abundance to all. But Sampo Mill only rotates with Open Heart consciousness and Love.

The Feminine Fashion Kalevala

The ancient wisdom of the holy book of the Finns, The Kalevala epic, has inspired many a great philosopher such as Rudolf Steiner or artists like Sibelius or Tolkien, who created The Lord of the Rings and its goblin language inspired by Kalevala. Kalevala has been translated into over 50 languages.

Finnish fashion designer and Kalevala artist Mai Niemi has created The Finnish Fairytale Fashion Kalevala, that transfers the Finnish runes, tales and myths into the modern era by fashion language.

The Knitwear Kalevala is the future memory. It has the encodings that awaken us to remember our true origin, to open our hearts to create a new well-being.

The Fashion Kalevala is not only a garment collection, but an ethical philosophy applicable into design and clothing by which we can increase harmony and wellbeing of the body and in the world.

Fashion Kalevala is a tale of harmony, a mythical roleplay, through which we can express and find ourselves, our true value and the joy of living.

Mai Niemi fashion is designed to heal our relationship with our body, the nature and the Earth herself.

The Future Memory

The timeless Kalevala archetype energies find their ways through the arts to the modern people who seek their roots and own way to express who they are with handcrafted sustainable clothing. Kalevala speaks globally through the arts and the symbolic language used by the subconscious, dream and spiritual levels for communication.

The feminine Kalevala has inwoven this healing feminine wisdom of harmony.

In the beginning there is the Spell

The Knitwear Kalevala is Finnish fairytale fashion and brand designed to give self-confidence and indentity and to open the heart, so that we can create prosperity and abundance with the Sampo magic as this Source is named in Kalevala.

Mai Niemi fashion opens the door to activate this knowlegde and skill, which we already have dormant.

Fashion Kalevala Poem

by Mai Niemi

The time brought the new form,

water found a fresh flowing

to the people of the wind,

to the ladies of the lakes

to dress the folk of the forests,

To adorn the fairies of the nature.

Lively and feminine, to function anywhere,

on any form of goddess or queen,

and wellbeing of the beloved body.

What a magic garment:

loosens off the box,

frees to the flowing,

gives Goddess´s power

to the women of of Kalevala,

to the daughters of Gaia.

So knitted, so crocheted, wove in the arts

worked in fengshui harmony

and the ancient wisdom,

to one size gathered the large and the small,

the tall and the tiny.

Knitted now is Kalevala,

woven the great tale,

Changed the old patterns,

opened the tightened knots

To begin the new day,

to start the new morning,

so that the the roots and the myths

of the Grail and great nation

would not be forgotten

nor the skill of Sampo forging.

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