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Body Fengshui

Wellbeing with clothing.

Our surroundings forms us, so we need to form our surroundings said Winston Churchill. In Finland we say: The Forest will answer how it is called. Fengshui is an ancient old method in connecting to nature´s wavelength. It was used universally to dressing in China court and also in Egypt known as Pyramid science where they used Geometry in creating ceremonial garments. The Fenno-Ugric cultures embroidered for instance empowering Goddess symbols and information to garments in order to identify the origin of the wearer. The Finnish Fenno-Ugric shamanic tribes still live across Siberia and beyond Ural mountains and in course of time passed on this information verbally and by singing to China where it was written down when the Chinese invented writing. There it transformed into Taoism, Martial arts, Fengshui and Chinese medicine. As a Fenno-Ugric fengshui designer, I use this holistic wellbeing knowledge in my fashion design. I named it IAMMAI Body Fengshui. The purpose is to enhance overall wellbeing by creating an auspicious surrounding for our body space inside out. Super natural clothing We are what we think of ourselves. Body Fengshui designs the body space to correlate with our true selves by dressing body, mind and spirit. The best thing to do this is to surround ourselves with Love vibrations and give our body loving thoughts and energy: Everything pure that has been produced ethically with love and also with nature´s benefit: Super food, -cosmetics, -clothes. They work as beneficial positive care affirmations to the body to create multilevel health, wellbeing and harmony by increasing Self Love. For me as an artist matter is moldable vibrating energy that can be transformed into visible products with the desired energy to improve one´s connection to nature and communication to oneself and body consciousness. To thrive in the body. IAMMAI is vibrational fashion DNA is our inner internet. DNA attracts and conveys information to cells and to our consciousness. Our body is a vast wise universe with its laws and functions of its own. It is beneficial to be in a good relationship with it. It has incredible healing powers of its own. Few times in my dream state I have visited myself in my inner computer run by body elementals and received instructions to good health. Ethically pure Iammai fashion is like a positive affirmation to the body. It is multidimensional design concept that uses for instance colors, pure materials, nature´s forms, symbols, sacred geometry, warmth and movement to keep body space alive and vibrant with good energy flow for the wearer to feel at home and safe in the body. The makers emotional state is conveyed to the materia. All is hand made by myself with loving hands. I am a fengshui fashion designer, but also a Reconnective energy healer, so this healing energy is conveyed to all that I make. And an enchanted plus is that in each product you get an elemental fairy to bring you more joy and magic to your lives. Blessed with gratitude of Mother Earth. Photo: Fresia Godoy

Feedback from a customer I buy Mai Niemi Fairytale products because there is a certain element that accompanies these items when worn around the neck, wriest, shoulders, hair and head. For me, these elements place me in state of "charm" similar to how I feel when I'm walking in the forest on a beautiful Autumn evening with the colourful ruska (leaf foliage) enchanting my spirt. In my life, I've always searched for these charms whether it is the area I live in or the mood of a restaurant I choose to eat at. However, this is the first time I find clothing items that give me that charm, which I search for in all aspects of my life. I believe this is because of Mai's ability to transcend these delicate spirts of the forest into each weave she makes through those beautiful items. Thus, as person who is perceived as male, I do not choose Mai's product based on whether or not they have been designed for males or females, I choose them because of how they make me feel and what charm they surround me with. If I can give any advice to the male shoppers at Mai Niemi Fairytale, pick the item that speaks to you, one that gives you that magical spark, regardless of how standard or non-standard it may seem to others. You will now how to choose once you try that item on and allow your inner feelings to guide you. My favourite items that give me that charm are "City Shaman garland", "Tribal Pendant" and "City Shaman Fringe Bracelet". And I can't wait to try the other ones on. I bought those directly from Mai Niemi Fairytale Shop in Helsinki. Vassí



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