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25 years of ZeroWaste Fengshui fashion

In 2024 we are celebrating 25 years of Fashion freedom

In 1999, when I studied Feng Shui at the European School of Feng Shui, I realized that Feng Shui energy decoration can also be applied to fashion. And that it would contribute to bringing fashion closer to nature. This realization became a turning point in my career as a designer.

Everything changed overnight: The shapes and patterns that I had used until then took flight and came off their bases into seamless and flowing knits.

I named them Flow fashion based on Feng Shui principles. Later, it became the IAMMAI concept, which describes its holistic -body, mind, spirit -design thinking, dressing the inner and outer self.


In practice, it meant freedom from the parameters of fashion, forms of nature, living movement, pure colors and energy, made with love, body-friendly and meaningfulness.  Industrial became artisanal and the concept of sustainable and close to nature organic fashion was born. The garments were knitted directly to shape so that no cutting waste was created. The measurement tables were forgotten, and the knits and garments became one size that fits as many people as possible. 


At that time, I was a macrobiotic and we were in a food circle. I envisioned local food becoming more common and local fashion alongside it. You can already buy organic food in a local store, but you can't buy organic clothes in supermarkets yet.


The North Exit announcements from 2007 describe well what is at stake.




Mai Niemen's Flow Design concept frees the body to enjoy life and expression.


- Flow knits caress human shapes and skin. They dress the whole being and know no age or size racism. They are practical and versatile one-size-fits-all accessories. They combine spirit and matter, play, art and mythology into everyday fantasy. Through them you can safely get to know your femininity and different aspects of your being, Mai Niemi describes her products.

Courage and perseverance for Finnish Textiles were taken into account.


Designer Mai Niemi from Kauniainen was awarded The Textile Finland Phenomenon Award 2007. The award criteria mentioned e.g. Mai Niemi's courage, perseverance and deep trust in her own visions, on which she has built the Mai Niemi Design House concept. In addition, his attitude and way of working for the future of Finnish Textiles were brought up. The criteria for the Finland phenomenon award in textiles are entrepreneurship, cooperation, new innovations as employers of the future and internationality. Mai Niemi is a fresh exception in the Finnish fashion world. For her, the beginning of fashion design is the well-being of the human body and the relationship with nature. Mai Niemen's Flow knitwear is suitable for all sizes, all shapes and all ages. Flow knits are multi-purpose knits, accessories and jewelry ethically made from natural materials. Sweaters are practical and versatile, one-size-fits-all, "always right" accessories with a touch of nature. In Flow knits, Mai Niemi combines fashion, feng shui and mythology into an artistic and joyful dressing experience. The sweaters are suitable for year-round wear, both for everyday life and for parties. The Finland Phemomenon event focuses attention on the present day and future outlook of Finnish textile expertise.


Creativity often needs a good master, a good director. Mai Niemi has brought unique ideas and thoughts to Finland, which got their initial impetus when she was studying fashion design at Central St. Martin's College of Art in London. Naturalness, freedom of flow and control of energy in textile design are something new and unique both in Finland and elsewhere.

IAMMAI Concept

A closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear is a problem for many women these days. The reason may be that the clothes don't fit or they don't fit with your own energies, you don't feel like yourself anymore. According to an estimate, 75% of women do not fit in the measurement tables. We also felt more and more the energy contained in the garment and the manufacturing process.

Mai Niemi's knitwear and accessories have the shapes and materials of nature:

They are one size - you don't have to lose weight or think about whether you can fit them in the measurement tables or in general in the "mass fashion box".

They are suitable for all ages - they are timeless and ageless. These clothes are always the right age and trendy.

They are suitable for every season - the weather and climate change even in summer and summer air conditioning is a problem.

They are just the right size little warmers - not too hot, replacing wool jackets and blazers.

They are suitable for every occasion - work, leisure, travel, party, role and wedding wear. They fit in a handbag, from which it is easy to swing them over in a casual style.

They can be worn in up to 10 different ways - less is more You can use them to recycle your wardrobe and renew old clothes

They liberate feminine shapes - are body-friendly, cover extra bumps and bring out the best sides of the body. Narrowing, lightening, firming, slimming and rejuvenating - contain fairy energy. A small person feels bigger and vice versa.

They are also suitable for people with reduced mobility - no seams or sleeves.

They are happy - moving, flowing, soft, feminine, put you in a good mood.

And what's best - they are locally made with own lifestyle and roots, and in them you can feel yourself.

Eunique Bulletin 2012 special article /Olivier Langewitziver

Mai Niemi's concept is amazingly simple.

She manages to combine both timelessness and modernity in her creations.

This sounds contradictory, but it is not. Niemi just doesn't follow any trends in his design, but focuses attention in the user's own creativity.

Sustainable development plays a central role in Mai Niemi's fashion. Less is more; that's her motto. In her design, not only high quality is essential. Rather, she invites her customers to combine the contents of their own wardrobes for clothes and accessories from her own collection. In this way, the creations of this Finn can be seen as an invitation to customers to be themselves creatively active in developing their own style and individual expression, which is both timeless, trendy and personal at the same time.

Mai Niemi uses high-quality materials when developing attractive knitwear and accessories. Her high-quality ponchos and scarves are real eye-catchers.

But that's not all. Like many other women, being petite herself, she doesn't fit into the most common size charts.

So Mai Niemi decided to make a virtue out of necessity and created her own individual line of clothes. A woman doesn't have to lose weight to be able to wear Mai Niemi’s designs, or perhaps hope to a little more shapes in some places. After all, clothes should fit the person, not the other way around.

Mai Niemi takes the user on an experience trip to nature and strengthens the connection with nature. For example, the Amazon warp can transport him as far as the Amazon rainforest.


Mai Niemi Design House

Tel: +358 (0) 44 595 7476

OFFICE/Showroom/Mai Niemi Design House/Puutarhatie 4, 02700 Kauniainen 

FLAGSHIP STORE/Finnish Fairytale shop/Katariinankatu 4, 00170 Helsinki 



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