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Her creation story

The new creation story

Creation is a continuous process, as all creation. This beautiful story of the ongoing cosmic creation dance of Male and Female energies to give birth to a new human being. Increasing Light, Moon and Sun eclipses work as generation and the creation catalysts, which activates the body's feminine memory cells and creation codes. The prophesy is this: When the Moon kisses the Sun and they become lovers, a new light is born to the world. In Kalevala, Väinämöinen, the great magi, promises to come back when there is no Moon nor Sun, nor joy in the world.

Here is a mythical creation story ( based on a Malaysian myth):

Creation of Male

`After God had created the heavens, the sun, the moon and the earth, she decided to populate it with living beings. That's why she wanted to create a human being. She took some clay and formed a human form. After that, she summoned the spirits that she had created and put one of them into clay character's head to give it life. The clayform was a great so big that the spirit was unable to steer it. Thus, the clay-man tripped and fell, with decomposition into thousands of shards. But since it was already filled with the spirit, every fragment was alive. These particles spread to every corner of the world and became the terrible evil spirits, that people later called Evil.

God saw that it was not given sufficient vitality to the creature, which had

been shaped, in order to become a real male. So she made a clay figure and this

was better than the first, because it had the Holy Trinity of the sacred power: life and temperament, the will and nature, mind and spirit. When the Creator

had planted these features in the clay figure, it came alive and the first person

was born.

Creation of FeMale

Again, the creator of had a thought and said to herself: I created male, but he alone cannot populate the country. I give him a wife, with whom he delights life. When the Creator wished to shape a woman's arm, she took the roundness of the Moon, snake´s agility, liana´s wrapping embrace, grass´vibration, reed´s swing, the scent of flowers, the leaves of lightness and agility, female elk eye, sunlight gladness and grace, wind speed, cloud tears, feather sensitivity, the little bird's shyness, the sweetness of honey, the peacock vanity, slenderness of swallow, the beauty of the diamond and coo of the turtle dove. She mixed all of these features and the designed them into the essence of a woman. Then she also gave this form of the holy trinity of power and when it became a life that was more attractive and more lovely than any other creature on Earth. God gave her to the man so that the Earth would be populated.

A few days later the man went to God and said: Lord, the woman whom you gave me poisons my life. She is incessantly chattering, takes all my time, she cries even of a small matter and is ill all the time. Then the Creator took the presents back to punish Man.

Hardly a week had passed and the man came, saying: Lord, I am absolutely heartbroken when you took the woman away. She sang and danced at all times. Now I cannot but all time remembering how sweet she looked at me, how skilfully she kissed me, how wonderfully we played together and how he sought my protection..... and so the Lord relented and gave him the woman back. But had barely passed three days, when the man stood again in front of the Creator to complain. `Lord, he said, “I do not understand this at all - but when I think about this carefully, the woman causes me more annoyance than pleasure. Let me be free of her.`But God said: Do what you see fit. To live in peace with your wife and to endure her precence and proximity, she will be obedient to you from now on. But the man said, hopelessly:' I cannot live with Her.' 'Can you live without her? Asked the Creator. Then the man bowed his head and said sadly:' Oh! I cannot live with her and I cannot to live without her.' So the male tried to live with the female and the woman tried to be obedient him.

Creation of WoMan

So time went by, until one day God woke up to check her creations. She noticed that the Male and Female were in need of an update. When God had created a human, she had given part of her own creativity to him and her so that a human could take good care of Earth while God was away in other creation work.

Now God saw that the Male had forgotten Female and the world had fallen into it plight and chaos because of this. So she decided to continue and enhance her human creation work. So God looked at Her and saw that she had many features that greatly pleased the Creator. God decided to correct previous errors that had occurred in the Creation work. God saw that the woman had remembered and used well the creative gifts she was given and she also had preserved all the knowledge the Creator had given to her: beauty and the pursuit of good, love and desire for peace. And she also saw that the woman was aware of this, and also saw that she was not happy with the man.

God wanted to help her and through her all humankind. And she created a new woman, which would give then birth also to a new man. She put a pinch more male into the woman and the same amount of feminine to the Male; just enough so that they still felt a man and a woman and would feel attracted to each other, because God wanted life to continue. Thus came the balance and the male and female partners and companions. And so the creation was perfected..

But it is already a different story how these new energies by working together created big changes as teamwork...



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