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Fashion Genie

I recently bought in Jerusalem bazaar an Aladdin's magic lamp, and a carpet and my imagination was ready to fly...

How could the skyhigh spirit fit into that little lamp?

What made this lamp so special and immortal?

The story is still alive today and the thousands of years old lamp design is still valid merchandise?

Matter and spirit are a magical combination. When added to these the tale itself with which Sheherazade redeemed her own life, it becomes something immortal. And ever-fascinating.

There are even older designs, which are concretely still alive today to fascinate us.

In Egypt, the Pharaoh's artisans were called the artisans of light, because they were able to combine substance and spirit so cleverly that their creation are still alive and have lasted until today.

For Indigenous peoples all materia is living. For children their toys are alive. Modern quantum physics has proven that materia is living and reacts to love.

The word Design comes from the words Deus Signa and the word Materia from the word Mater, or Mother. Design is therefore God blessed matter! But we have forgotten this.

The Western world suffers from lifelessness, lack of spirit, because matter is not considered to be sacred or living. It has led to degradation of matter. The goods, which lack the spirit and which have not been made with time and love will not last time. Everything seems to fall apart..

Design alchemy

Mankind is currently witnessing an unprecedented revolution in consciousness and change in vibration as a result.

The old gives way and makes room for new in everything, including the conscious creation and design.

In the new world, we learn to sanctify matter, so that we can create with heart and love truly sustainable life and substance by honouring nature. The New Earth design unites Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter, East and West, Yin and Yang in global unity, so that it serves all life, holistic development and well-being on Earth. We can create products that vibrate with natures elements and with the whole Universe with harmony.

That is really a Thousand and one Year story! The Great Magis are here!

Open Sesame!

The Kingdom of Heaven

The apostles asked Jesus, how can you reach the Kingdom of Heaven?

Jesus answered this way:

When you make one of two, and when you make Internal the same as External, and the upper the below and the below the upper, and when you make masculine and feminine one and the same, so that the female is not feminine or the masculine is not masculine, when you make the eyes on the eye, the hands on the hand, the image on the image, then you get to the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you and outside you. If you know yourself, you are known and you know that you are living children of your Father. But if you do not know yourselves, you are in poverty, and you are poverty.

Well, what alchemy of multidimensional creation!



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