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Fair Trade

or Fairy trade?

My basic wardrobe would need a lot of renewal, because some of my clothes are really worn out. So after Christmas I hopefully went to bargain sales. But... I found myself in degradation sales. Who self-respecting human being could even consider to buy this stuff? Is this materia degradation and piles of rags the result of us valueing ourselves so little? And then this is offered to us.

Where to get decent clothes anymore? It is not the amount but the quality, you know. Today, companys want to be The green Fairy Godmothers of the developing countries. When you buy Fair Trade products, the producer receives a better price.

Nowadays also the production is transferred to third world countries, in order to help the poor to get a better livelihood. Also, this is called the Fair Trade. Even some of Finnish design is now produced in Africa or Nepal, or other similar places.

But who is then impoverished?

Is it fair trade, if the Finnish design is manufactured in third countries and 1 € more is paid to the employee while there´s a large profit margin, which does not transfere into the price. Where does that money go to? At the same time our own design and craft industry is withering. More is less and less.

Is it more ethical to produce near and less, but quality, to raise the creative sector, to develop and maintain skills of hand, to get a lower margin, but to give that 1 € for third world countries, for instance to Women´s Bank, where one euro is a lot of money. Less is more.

Here we can talk about a real Fairy Trade and Good Godmothers, a model which produces common good. And more to share. If you want to save the rain forest must first take care of your own forest.

One thing is for sure; we need to find a balance here to live in oneness without exploiting each other.

The world economics has to catch up with the sustainable development and New Business thinking and the spirit of it.

The word Economy has already in itself the word Eco. So from €uro we can move into €co, ecomoney.

- I'll bet you get your Change when you use this currency.

From here it is only natural to move into Loveconomy and the Lov€ currency.

Wasn´t it love that revived The Sleeping Beauty from her long slumber?

What do you think is better?



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