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Christmas Story: Who fulfills Santas wishes?

Here is a little true Christmas story about what happened at Santa's Christmas Village in the Arctic Circle. This story is about how Santa does his best to fulfill everyone’s gift wishes, but who fulfills Santa’s own gift wishes?

I visited Santa in the Arctic Circle a couple of years ago on my trip to Lapland. Santa asked me to sit down and tell him who I was, where I came from, and what I was doing. I said that I am a Santas assistant myself and The Fairy Godmother of Finland and I design Finnish handmade fashion. Santa got very excited about this and he asked if I had pictures of my work. When he saw them, he opened up and said that he had a very special problem and that I was just the person who could help him to solve it:

The Asian visitors had expressed to him a wish to have an authentic Finnish craftsman in Santa´s gift smithy before Christmas and that they also want to buy Finnish handicrafts from the Christmas village store. In addition, the elves needed new accessories. I promised to help Santa because this was indeed all my field of expertese. So Santa arranged for me all the meetings with his staff right away because it was already autumn and Christmas was soon at the door. So I presented my work to the elf outfit and store managers. Everything looked good and I sent sketches of the elves ’outfits. But when it came time to decide on the planned actions, nothing happened. The wish of Santa and the wishes of those who presented it to him did not come true. Would it have been too much of a change in the way they operate there? Santa really tried, but the staff didn’t want the same as he. The question is: How could we fulfill Santa’s wish? Where has the real Finnish Christmas gone from Christmas Village? What kind of Christmas do we want to give to our foreign guests? A commercial express Christmas or a genuine heartwarm Finnish Christmas? An authentic Finnish handmade Christmas shines with its absence. Would it be time for it now?

Mai and Santa

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