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Mai Niemi starts cooperation with Sibelius Finland Experience

Jean Sibelius is one of the most celebrated composers in the world whose music has become the national symbol of Finland and is considered to have helped in shaping the Finnish national identity. Powerful and evoking, lyrical and contemplative, Sibelius's music is deeply rooted in the Finnish mythology, folklore and the national Kalevala epic.

Sibelius Finland Experience is an authentic cultural experience that combines live performance of the most famous Jean Sibelius`s works, visual art composition and a show. This blend of different art forms guides the listeners into deeper understanding of how nature, national mythology and historical context influenced he becoming of the Finnish national identity. In addition to that the show is just fun and in the end of it everyone can taste a special drink and get the Design Sibelius CD.

From July 2016 it is possible to get tickets for Sibelius Finland Experience in Mai Niemi Finnish Fairy Tale Shop that is located in the heart of Helsinki on Katariinankatu 4b just next to the The Senate Square. Finnish Fairy Tale Shop was founded by Mai Niemi, one of the most distinctive Finnish designers who is just like Jean Sibelius gets her inspiration from magnificent Finnish nature and national mythology. One interested in Finland can make a lot of surprising discoveries in the shop and find original fashion, books, music, as well as have an inspiring talk with Mai Niemi, who has got a lot of magical stories to tell.

Buying Sibelius Finland Experience tickets from the Finnish Fairy Tale Shop one gets a few euros discount per ticket. Children under 12 years can attend the concert free of charge.

The show is every day at 12.30 in the National Hall till the 15th of September. The tickets are open, which means one can choose the date according to his or her wishes.

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