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Viva la difference!

I've always been different, questioning, nonconforming, pain in the ass type, you know.

I do not fit the mold or fashions, because I want to act and live differently. But if there aren´t types like these who think otherwise, nothing changes, ever. There are signs that suggest being different would be in fashion at last..!

This is a truly liberating news: to be who you are. That alone should be enough.

The world give prizes to nonconformists, then why not in Finland.

Finland Nonconformist in 2011 were, therefore, Faces festival and fashion designer Mai Niemi. Is there no other? But let´s say: iIn´t nice to be finally awarded of being diffrent!

Things change, but not the Finnish design. Boring seriousness is far less interesting in the world than our creative madness. I mean, at least, I will show creative madness during Helsinki World Design Capitol year 2012 , which is just around the corner.

Reasoning for the Nonconformist 2011 Award were these:

Everydays revolutionizing innovations need to be born out of a lot of courage, a number of repetitions (means head shots on the wall), the number of various failures and a dash of good luck. Above all, however, required is the the willingness and ability to go against the flow and act differently than is customary.

So it is.

Last night the idea of difference began to puzzle me a lot. I really needed once again to take my head from the bush, where it is so easily lost. Being incospicuous and invisibility really does start to bother eventually. After all, it is so that when you try to merge the mass, conceal yourself in nonexpressive silence, a lot of fun in life is mi