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Little Red Riding Hood and Grandmother

Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma

Once upon a time there was a happy Enchanted forest . There lived a little girl and her Grandmother . The girl was wearing a red cape and a bonnet made ​​by Grandma. Therefore she was called Little Red Riding Hood .

Little Red Riding Hood often visited her grandma 's house to listen to her wise stories. Grandmother was skilled with her hands and made ​​beautiful clothes for the entire forest folk. Fairies particularly loved her garments, because they made ​​them shine.

In the meantime, the Big Bad Wolf had crept into the forest with his gang. Soon they dominated the entire forest. Little by little, the forest became known as the Dark forest , because there was no longer good will and fairy lights.

Grandmother was very sad about this and got sick and was unable to produce clothes for the Enchanted Forest folk. As Little Red Riding Hood loved clothes and her grandmother, she decided to take to continue the work of Grandma's .

The Wolf said to Little Red Riding Hood : Stop daydreaming of such nonsence and rather become a nurse , so that you can care for your sick grandmother . Little Red Riding Hood , however, felt that the grandmother would be more delighted of the warm and beautiful woollen knitwear. In that, she was right, and Grandma's got better.

Soon the whole forest asked Riding Hood to make them also these magical wellbeing clothes, which had such a heavenly feeling.

Big Bad Wolf said: There is no future in what you make, stop the whole silly thing!

And then he ate Grandma's and moved into her house.

So Grandma lived in Wolf's stomach invisible for a long time. Wolf copied the garments created by Little Red Riding Hood and started to produce them in Banglawood. He forced everyone to use these clothes.

The Wolf's stomach swelled up bigger and bigger and the Wolf was looking very opulent – wealhty he was indeed.

Then the forest grandmas decided to revolt and said: These Banglawood clothes make us feel bad. We want to wear Little Red Riding Hood ​​clothes.

It turned out that the Wolf was currently shut the Banglawood women in shaky cages , which could collapse at any moment. They were very unhappy because they were not able to visit their homes and their grandmothers.

Then The Grandmother prayed for assistance of the Great Hunter , who would be able to free Little Red Riding Hood 's grandmother , the Banglawood women and smite the Big Bad Wolf.

The Great Hunter arrived , captured the Big Bad Wolf , and opened its stomach . To everyone's surprise out of the belly came a Beautiful Goddess , which the grandmother had been all along.

Now that Beautiful Goddess governs the enchanted forest and the Big Bad Wolf`s rule is over.

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