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"Mai, you design and implement the stunning knitwear and accessories for women. They make a woman to open to her real womanhood and natural radiation. Your fashion offers men the chance to see the true beauty of a woman,as the earths power, warmth and softness of your creations is also conveyed to them.

When a woman radiates, it opens the man's real strength.

So beautiful is the joy of your garmets for everyone."

- Mother Mary


While I was in Finland, I had the pleasure of working with Finnish designer Mai Niemi, whose clothes and fashion ethic are a reflection of the New Earth energies. Mai's clothing line, called "Finnish Fairytale", is a reflection of her Joy and Enthusiasm for life. It is filled with the Magical energy of the Finnish Forest fairies...and also the energy of the Divine Feminine.

- Celia Fenn



I love the colors that Mai Niemi uses and the profound creativity and originality of her collections. I love that she uses only natural fibers and that each piece has a story that continues the ancient Kalevala teachings, bringing them alive in present times, in our modern world.

And that is what is so unique in Mai Niemi's designs: they are not just clothes, they are filled with a spiritual light that connects us with the truth of who we really are.

I always wear her designs when doing shamanic ceremonies, not only because they are incredibly beautiful and flattering, but also because they help me shape shift. They make me become the trees of the Finnish forrest. They enable me to communicate with the earth spirits. They share with me the wisdom of the Ancient Ones. I can feel the depth of my own Finnish roots and the magic and power they convey to my own work. In Mai Niemi's clothes I feel that nothing is impossible.

She is the fairy who weaves for us the clothes –the keys- to become urban shamans, magicians, creating the world we wish for into being.

- Michelle Karén, M.A., D.F.Astrol.S.

Astrologer to the Stars in Hollywood at the 78th Academy Awards,

International conference speaker,


Author of Astrology For Enlightenment (Simon & Schuster, NY)

Los Angeles, CA


I have seen myself many wonderful reactions to Mais´s designs and accessories and have been able in addition to track people's reactions also in OmniaShop. Mais clothes are original, they have a strong story, and they are beautifully adaptable. I love the robes and the intertwining of different outfits makeovers os Mais neck and wrist jewelery. Mais clothing become a part of the wearer's personality, even though they are personal in itself - it is quite rare. Respect to the design of clothing will bring added value to practicality, carelessness and ecology - in particular, I appreciate it. Mai, if anyone, has earned the Design Dissident award!

- Elina Oksanen-Ylikoski

InnoOmnia Director, Ph.D.



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