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Fashion Fengshui - Healthy fashion


Body Fengshui ®

Fashion is part of the well-being and healthy clothes are our basic need

We have created a modern milieu in which we feel bad. Air, water, food, shelter and protection, which our home and clothes provide are less pure than our needs. Our basic needs have however always been organic and we can not deviate from them.

Feng Shui offers help in this situation and helps us reorganize our home and clothes in a healhy way.

Feng Shui is an ancient wisdom and science of living together with nature. Feng Shui is not of Chinese origin, it is universal knowledge - Chinese invented writing and only wrote down their observations of nature. "The forest will respond the way it is called upon," is the same thing in Finnish. Nature will help us when we help it. This is conscious co-creation.

The world is you

Your dreams make the world

Your growth grows the world

Your luck is worlds good luck

Your joy delights the world

Your enthusiasm inspires the world

Your success brings success in the world

Your freedom liberates the world

Your beauty is a more beautiful world

Your riches enrich the world

Your love unites the worlds

New multidimensional fashion era

The modern way of consuming nature has come to an end and even fashion can not be endlessly recycled.

These changes bring new challenges for the design of clothing and fashion itself.

Our body has become more sensitive to its need of natural clothing and individual fashion expression. Body Fengshui opens the connection to our body and our multidimensional selves in a wholistic way.

Are you at home or out?

You yourself, your body and mind, is the most powerful Feng Shui in practice. Feng Shui is always the strongest when nearest to you. BodyFengshui is where you are. Our body is the home of ourselves, our spirit, our house is the home of our body. If your home is untidy and uncomfortable, you do not feel at home there and want to stay out.

Exactly the same applies to the body.

Many do not feel at home in their body: it may be decorated in they that feels alienating or borrowed or clothed the way that does not suit you, delight you or feel meaningful.

The way we treat the body, our home, states a clear impact on our life's events.

It may be that your spirit feels it has no space to live in your body. It may be too crowded and full of clutter. The invisible energy problems undermine the quality of life and can cause discomfort and illness.

BodyFengshui aims to make the energies of your body and spirit to match.

Qi, the life force

BodyFengshui aims to balance and harmonize the life force that flows in our bodies and around us. The body receives energy from the surroundings, but also strongly influenced by the energy state of the body. Every moment our environment will support and energize the body and spirit, or empty its vitality. By boosting the level of our energy has a direct impact on the level of our lives.

The energy flow in the body moves along energy pathways. The body is the life force of this instrument. This force, Qi animates the body, gives your skin its color, get your feet moving and makes your eyes bright.

All the subsystems of the body-circulatory function, immune, nervous, skeletal, is directly dependent on the vitality of Qi.

Healthy clothing

With our clothing we communicate with ourselves and our environment.

The way we dress affects our energy thousands of different ways.

The body's energy currents give rise to all everyday situations.

If our Qi is stagnant we look stagnant ja dreary. If our Qi is clear and bright, the body and mind experience and produce brilliant and vivid energies.

Qi is the body's internal human energy. Its quality and flow due to eg. garment materials, manufacturing ethic, point of purchase and transaction, colors, symbolism, movement, shapes, stories, and other subconscious awareness of factors affecting the body consciousness.

BodyFengshui develops and strengthens the body's energy flow mode. In FengShui, natural materials, quality, color, movement, flow, symbols, geometry, and mythical elements have an uplifting effect on the vibrational level.

FengShui Fashion

As a designer I combine fashion and fengshui in my Mai Niemi Finnish Fairytale fashion in order to favorably affect the body's energies.

The natural forms promote and strengthens the connection to nature. The design promotes harmony and spiritual aspect. My knitwear has ancient symbolism, which activates the subconscious, the memory of ourself and also the future memory. This knitwear fashion makes the body a living space and bring out one's self. They make you feel nurtured, safe, loved as who you are.

The manufacturing methods have a strong influence on the personal energy level. That is why my fashion is made in Finland with love and loving hands. It is pure and ethical clothing.

Fashion power

With BodyFengshui we can create a better and stronger life. When the vitality and Qi increases our thoughts and decisions become clearer, the feelings become more stable and harmonious and life offers new wonderful opportunities. We are noticed, find new partners, new and creative opportunities and are able to move forward in our lives.

IAMMAI fashion play

Mai Niemi IAMMAI fashion concept combines fashion, feng shui and well-being. It breaks down barriers by integrating art, role play and wellbeing in creating sustainable and liberating fashion. It has no age or size limits.

It brings fashion into a new era by uniting spirit and matter.

Peace in the body, peace in the world

For more information,

Mai Niemi B.A.hons.

Fashion magician and

Body Fengshui ® consultant



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