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A New Nokia

The new Nokia?

The other day I was listening to another application of IT technology, the launch of a new communicator.

Communication is a good thing in itself, but I started to think, that do we need to develope more and more new gadgets for every aspect of living or could life be simpler, and communication simpler?

We are living the post-industrial society and in the new time frame where we are going through a transformation prosess to ascend to the next level in just about everything.

Nokia's decline in the Finnish industry figurehead role opens up a whole new window of opportunity for Finnish expertise, for a new paradigm in economy and technology has feminine quality and is energy and value -driven.

What do information technology, the feminine and shamanism have in common?

They involve all non-visible, intangible essence of understanding.

Information technology is based on the invisible wavelengths of understanding and knowledge related to the applications and use. It has been the secret of the success of Nokia and its heart and also a stumbling block.

Finnish culture and nature is matriarchal. Our origins, our character and the power of our ferocious past is taking precedence between the East and West, as a paradox of nature, but also as a deep understanding, where the primitive and the civilized meet:

Our closeness to nature and our forest has been refined over the years to a skillful wood processing expertese, our navigational skills to a succesful ship and boat building industry and LVI techonology. Shamanism has develeoped into information technology success story like Nokia.

The surrounding nature beauty into aesthetic know-how, Finnish design.

Finnish art, literature, architecture, music, all these have their roots in the ancient art of natural faith. We do not get rid of our nature.

Finnish Feng Shui

It is no wonder that Finland is in the forefront of women's equality and that we have had a woman president, as the feminine skills, the respect and understanding of them is natural for us.

Invisible is not a threat, but an opportunity.

We have a deep trust that all answers can be found in nature ... The forest will answer as it is called – we say. When we consider nature as our partner and friend, it will help us. This is the Finnish Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is not a Chinese thing. The Chinese, as inventors of writing, marked down their observations in nature. Fengshui is based on Taoism, which in turn has evolved from the northern Siberian shamanism carried into China. And now, this information comes back to us .... perhaps that is why fenghsui is so easy for us, it is in our genes.

Thus, the energy and vibration technology is a natural continuation of information technology.

It can be used in applications based on water´s ability to convey informations or other energy flow applications. It would be no wonder if the water based computer would be developed in Finland. And our body is 70% of water.

The body is the best communicator

Speech is only 7-10% of communication. What are all those other 90% means of transmitting and exchanging information?

Is it possible to create new communication applications based on vibrational information of color, light, movement, symbols, sacred geometry, natural materials or just love.

That's right, love.

Masuru Emoto has proven visibly before our eyes that love convert the crystal structure of water.

It is also law of quantum physics. All materia is vibrating energy.

Fashion is communication at best. It connects the people of the same wavelength. For example, the way we dress and express ourselves is as a business card that resonates in the collective levels of the similar lifestyle.

Feminine Technology Programs

As a fashion designer I have responded to these challenges by combining subtances and informations into integrated and communicative multilevel fashion where ancient wisdom and the modern era of information technology requirements meet.

Body Feng Shui is a feminine technology application, concept, clothes and a tool for dressing in energy and in well-being and harmony. This New Earth Paradigm clothing and the application not only promotes sustainable development and holistic well-being, but provides an easy way to maintain vitality.

Here are few benefits of Body Fengshui applications:

- 6 trillion potential users

- Light and portable

- Does not require any additional devices

- Will not break

- Does not pollute

- Works under any conditions

- Does not require batteries, charging and electricity

- Biosemiotic base by birth

- Can be applied to all that we wear or surrounds ourself

- Energy and value-based

- Uses the available and existing energy sources such as color, motion, form, symbolism,

geometry, play, love.



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