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Lempi Love luck earrings are a great love spell to elevate, activate and attract love. To be able to love your neighbor you have to love yourself first. Love luck brings luck to love pursuits and helps to live from the heart.

The four petal heart clove inside the heart is the symbol of good luck.

The earrings are made of wood and hooks are silver coated surgeon steel. The earrings come in a beautiful Eco cardboard box.



In the beginning was the Spell

Ancient symbols and associated spells have always fascinated people. Finns have been known in the past for their skillful  incantation skills. Kalevala is known by its powerful Incantationand spells. Symbolism is essentially related to them.

All life, nature is built of geometric shapes and is represented best by the Flower of Life pattern. The universe communicates through these sacred forms of geometry. It is called also the Light language. In Finland, it is said that the forest responds as it is called. Fengshui is an ancient energy tool based on the same law of attraction. Masuru Emutu witnessed how love transforms the molecular structure of matter.

I have intuitively used this timeless symbolism in the design of my outfits and home decor. In Finland, we have our own Kalevala spells, semiotics and symbolism representing ancient Finnish lifestyle,. They are believed to increase human well-being in many different ways. Now it is possible to put on this Spell Force as well. The collection of spell jewelry is naturally born of the symbols I have drawn over time, through which the tradition of spells and ancient knowledge lives and is preserved for present generations. There are already two spell forces, Sampo wealth luck and Lempi love luck, that can be put on as finished jewelry.

LOITSU:LEMPI Love luck earrings, wood

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