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The North Maiden dress - One size - 100% wool

The North Maiden dress is figure friendly and feminine knitted dress. This dress fits sizes S and M as the bodice part stretches well. The material is 100% pure wool. The Diamond Wing shaped hem is connected to the bodice with lace crochet. The bodice is decorated with an Earth Star symbol.

"The North maiden weaves the rainbow yarn across the worlds uniting spirit into form. 

The North Maiden represents the inner Sacred marriage (Wedding at North in Kalevala) with our Higher Self, I am.  She is the Bride of Light, the fairytale princess, whose heart the Prince has to win by accomplishing the tasks of bravery set by the King.  When succeeding in this, the Prince gets the Princess and half the Kingdom.

In Kalevala Smith Ilmarinen is this lucky prince, who by ploughing the field of snakes and dragons (read: tames his inner dragon) gets the North Maiden as his wife.  This means that he is united with his inner feminine. For a woman the task is to love the unlovable in her to get her prince and access to the inner masculine. 

The North Maiden, the daughter of Louhi, the Mistress of North, represents planet Venus and has also reference to Persian Mithra Goddess culture and the Wise Virgins mentioned in the Holy Bible.  The North Maiden dresses up to the new and pure garments given by her Mother Louhi (the Divine Mother and Mother Earth) to be ready to receive her Groom ( the new consciousness) and the abundance of Sampo, the Magic Mill of Wealth and Abundance of Heart.  

The North Maiden is also the Maid of Finland, the graphic shape of Finland, waving to Europe."  


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