Mother Sea poncho

Mother Sea is a flowing superfashion poncho reflecting the ever living sea. The seed and leaf form details reflect the nature of Mother Sea and waters as the giver of life on this planet. The poncho is  great on travel, when less is more. It transforms to each occassion and need. Each shade is named by its dedicated Sea. Many artistic & creative ways to wear and explore.100 % wool

In the fKalevala first rune, Väinämöinen came out of his mother's womb and fell among the waves of the sea. In the second rune, he invited Sampsa Pellervoinen to sow seeds from which grew various trees, but not the tree of God, oak. Then came up from the sea Tursas, who burned the hay to ashes. There the oak began to take root. It became a huge tree that extended into the sky, covering the sun and the moon. Väinämöinen then called the oak feller. A thumb-long man rose from the sea, grew into a giant, and felled the oak tree. Oak chips and leaves spread everywhere.


 “Scattered also many splinters,               
 On the blue back of the ocean,                
 Of the ocean smooth and mirrored,         
 Rocked there by the winds and waters,
 Like a boat upon the billows.”

Bringing eternal happiness, eternal magic and eternal love.