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Superfashion to support women rise

From Cinderellas to Superwoman!

IAMMAI Superfashion is a new paradigm feminine fashion.

Shift of fashion

Fashion is in a deep transition. As the old patriarchal systems is outlived, we women are challenged to build the new world where there is space for us. But how can the present fast fashion industry support this women rise if it is based on expoitation and subordination of women themselves and nature on maximization of profits or beauty modes that are shattering women's self-esteem.? If the model women is tall and slim and the clothes look good on only them? That does not improve anybody´s real self-esteem. Most women do not fit he standard size measurements anyhow.

Of course, there is another way. As a fashion designer I have been able to react and be the changemaker. For new courageous views that support fashion diversity, there is an order. I have created one size fashion to fit most sizes and fashion that makes women feel and see and love themenselves beautiful as they are.<