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Mai's Magic Wardrobe

By Michelle Karén

Mai's Magic Wardrobe

Mai's Magic Wardrobe created by feng shui fashion consultant/designer Mai Niemi

Closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear?

Maybe your wardrobe just needs a brush up and get organized.

You can create a functional and practical eco luxury wardrobe with the idea Less is More with Mai Niemi designs. You can recycle and renew the contents with basics ( ponchos, scarfs, pellerines, blankets, aprons..) and accessories ( collars, garlands, hairbands..) all of which can be combined creatively and timelessly together.

Mai Niemi fashion is modern folk costume: one outfit for all events: work, travel, party, leisure.. and what is best; you are always the right size for them because they are One size. They are also body friendly hiding extra pumps, but showing your best parts.

No more days when you feel you have nothing to wear. With Mai´s Magic Wardrobe you always look chic timelessly and as unique, expressive or original as you feel and YOU!

Let me present one of Michelle Karen´s three magic wardrobes. She is a globetrotter who really needs a wardrobe that works. Here is a video of her own version of Mai´s Magic Wardrobe.

See here in this video Michelle Karén´s unique version of Mai´s Magic Wardrobe. She uses it to create her individual signature look and to organize her clothes. She is a busy performer and traveller and this helps her to quicky transform her looks.

She has one Wardrobe in Helsinki, one in France and one in LA.

"I love the colors that Mai Niemi uses and the profound creativity and originality of her collections. I love that she uses only natural fibers and that each piece has a story that continues the ancient Kalevala teachings, bringing them alive in present times, in our modern world.

And that is what is so unique in Mai Niemi's designs: they are not just clothes, they are filled with a spiritual light that connects us with the truth of who we really are.

I always wear her designs when doing shamanic ceremonies, not only because they are incredibly beautiful and flattering, but also because they help me shape shift. They make me become the trees of the Finnish forrest. They enable me to communicate with the earth spirits. They share with me the wisdom of the Ancient Ones. I can feel the depth of my own Finnish roots and the magic and power they convey to my own work. In Mai Niemi's clothes I feel that nothing is impossible.

She is the fairy who weaves for us the clothes –the keys-- to become urban shamans, magicians, creating the world we wish for into being."

Michelle Karén, M.A., D.F. Astrol.S.

Astrologer to the Stars in Hollywood

at the 78th Academy Awards,

International conference speaker,




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