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Mai Niemi Finnish Fairytale fashion story show in Punkaharju Retretti Art cave

Mai Niemi Finnish Fairytale Fashion Art 2022 collection show was performed as a Kalevala roleplay and wedding.

MUAHs Katja Hintsa SalonkhiIdaholm & Najila Kirahairdresser

Mai Niemi's Kalevala forest fashion & wearable art exhibition at the Saimaa Art Cave Retreat on July 16, 2021.

The celebrities of Kalevala present Mai Niemi's Fashion collection in Saimaa Art Cave Retreat on the Green Carpet as the program number of the Punkaharju Art up festival.

The tribal people of the Kalevala will arrive at the Nordic Wedding Ceremonies on July 16 at 6 pm.

The fashion art show is hosted by Saimi Hoyer.

Fashion artist Mai Niemi is expressing the Kalevala under the Finnish Fairytale brand. His interest in the Kalevala arose already at an art school in London, and the final work dealt with the influence of the Kalevala on Finnish art and design. FashionKalevala is a versatile and renewing Green wardrobe that strengthens national identity and the connection with nature, whose outfits and knitwear work at work, in leisure time, at parties, when traveling and also as role clothes. The garments are today’s one-size-fits-all national costumes that can be combined with the collection’s accessories and jewelry creatively and individually.

Finnish Fairytale is a wearable timeless story that lives here and now like the Kalevala. New sustainable stories can be constantly created from its various parts.

Mai Niemi Design House is a project partner of the Kalevala map project. The goal of the project is to make the Kalevala a new tourist and export asset.

Finnish Fairytale shop is a Kalevala Experience store and serves at Katariinankatu 4, Senate Square, Helsinki and online at

Light comes from the north..

Fashion Kalevala Poem

by Mai Niemi

The time brought the new form,

water found a fresh flowing

to the people of the wind,

to the ladies of the lakes

to dress the folk of the forests,

To adorn the fairies of the nature.

Lively and feminine, to function anywhere,

on any form of goddess or queen,

and wellbeing of the beloved body.

What a magic garment:

loosens off the box,

frees to the flowing,

gives Goddess´s power

to the women of Kalevala,

to the daughters of Gaia.

So knitted, so crocheted, wove in the arts

worked in fengshui harmony

and the ancient wisdom,

to one size gathered the large and the small,

the tall and the tiny.

Knitted now is Kalevala,

woven the great tale,

Changed the old patterns,

opened the tightened knots

To begin the new day,

to start the new morning,

so that the roots and the myths

of the Grail and great nation

would not be forgotten

nor the skill of Sampo forging.



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