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Divine Feminine Superfashion


Never heard of Superfashion, what is it?

Superfashion is a complete new approach to fashion design and clothing, a holistic and alchemical well-being invention. It is slow fashion, timeless yet trendy to cover all needs of our daily clothing in One.

People know the concept of Superfood.

The demand for organic and non-GMO foods and products is so high, that the supply can barely keep up. New farmer’s markets and health-oriented stores and restaurants are opening up everywhere, creating options for people to take good care of themselves.

Next step is Superfashion. First locally, then globally. Some of the users have been testing IAMMAI superfashion for a while now and experienced the multiple benefits of the consept. Many already have the Magic Wardrobe.

(Right now I am looking for a partner to work on the marketing of The Magic Wardrobe.)

Superfashion works mainly with the same principal as Superfood: it gives lifeforce and simplifies life with the idea Less is More. It solves your wardrobe problem in a big way. That is why I call it the Magic Wardrobe.