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Body Fengshui concept

Fashion for the multidimensional world and body


Body Fengshui – Balancing the body space

Energizing fashion – empowerment of Self

IAMMAI design– Multidimensional Design, divine in form

IAMMAI knitwear – to activate the body consciousness and memory of Self

Body Fengshui is healing the body in personal and planetarian level ( as above-so below) to create a favourable dvelling for the spirit to live in. It is a tool used in finding an individual fashion expression for the body and spirit together.

New Earth Fashion philosophy:

Body Fengshui

Our most important lifetask is to become ourselves.

Fengshui is an ancient philosophy of balance and Fengshui and its practical application are cleaning, holistic observaton, fengshui planning and energizing decoration. Fengshui is based on the basic laws of nature and one of the main rules is that energy loves empy space.

These times of great changes lay claims to the body, the home of our spirit. It is insisting its demands and need to be heard. In the same time it becomes receptive to new expression more suited to its new vibrational level. The key to bodyharmony is to find one´s individual and true expression. By expressing ourselves, our culture, our world and life style, we greet ourselves and others who want to share it with us.


is for concsious world and people.

We have moved from a 3D world into multidimensional one. Our senses have become multidimensional as well.

Our set of values and perception of materia are renewd together with our needs. The spiritual essence of design and the energies of the design process, their ethical and pure qualities, are equially important as the material or the quality of the garment.

We have become aware of the energies of objects, food and clothes and we make our choices according to the feeling something touches our heart and to the reactions of the body. Healthwise we understand that the co-operation of the brainhemispheres and the balance of feminine and masculine is the foundation of balance and our spiritual and physical well-being.

New earth era design

The Finnish fashion designer Mai Niemi has come up with a solution by taking the fashion into a completely new level and has created multidimensional design for the needs of holistic and ethical design and to respond to these altered needs and perception of the customers.

Iammai Design unites yin and yang, masculine and feminine energies to form harmonious fashion to match our renewed bodies and selves.

Iammai Design is a design in co-operation with nature and higher levels.

IAMMAI knitwear

IAMMAI knitwear comes under the labels Bliss, Finnish Fairytale and Knitwear Kalevala.

Iammai knitwear are designed to dress up our whole essence, not just the surface. They are high vibrating clothes that resonate in harmony with our multidimensional bodies. They are communicative garments that create a link between the inner and outer space by intergrating yin and yang energies. Iammai knitwear understand the holistic needs of our energetic body. They have a positive and relaxing influence to the bodyspace. Flow knitwear bring the therapeutic and healing aspects of art into fashion.

The information of the garment: colour, form, symbolism, sacred geometry and material form an energetic flow which integrates and heals the bodyspace by raising and maintaining the vibrational level. The Iammai knitwear dresses up also the feminine, yin side of our body and opens it up to full use.

This energetic knitwear create energyflow in the body space allowing more space to yourself activating heavenly joy by uniting spirit to materia.

Iammai knitwear are communicators which indicate to yourself and to others who you are.

They are also designed for bodysensitive people, who need even nurturing temperature in the form of wool and natural fiblers, purity in the form of the material and to those who sense the energy of the garment and want to make an ethical choice.

This knitwear is completely ethical and natural product made by hands with love and joy.

Finnish Fairytale is a mythological roleplay. It brings natural spiritualism into fashion. It contains involves the vivid experience of the Finnish nature and life-style: the purity, innocence and our Finnish Kalevala nature.


Fashion designer, Fengshui consultant

Mai Niemi B.A.hons



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