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6 steps to Fairyland

Little girl playing fairy in New York Central Park. Photo: Mai Niemi

6 steps to Fairyland

(Presented by MaiNiemi in BBS radio (Denver) interview in Reach for it show by Christina Calisto Winslow)

The nature kingdoms

There are 4 elemental kingdoms: Air, Water, Earth and Fire. We are given a group of 12 elementals (genies) of each kingdom working and ready to serve us individully on a daily basis.

We can ask them to take care of practical daily matters. All fairies can heal, so ask them to heal you and others. Your own body elementals are glad to keep you healthy. Fairies can also work on constructive assignments and endeavours in helping millions of people.

1. Ask

The first thing we need to keep in mind that what we ask of the fairies is according to the Will of God. The result can then be only harmonious. We have the gift of Free will and we all know how that works in good and bad. But together with the Will Of God we can work wonders.

2. Acknowledge the excistance of fairyworld. Fairies are real.

Try to establish your personal contact and experience with them, your own personal fairy troop. Because you have your own way to work with them as well as mission. Dragons are very close to humans and very good team members. I personally get a lot of help with colours from dragons as they are Masters of colours. Together with my fashion fairies they help me in combining them harmonoiusly and vibrantly.

There is a town in US named Ann Arbour, that has tiny door for fairies to come and go. This town certainly acknowledges the fairies. ( Facebook Urban Fairies - Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor)

3. Appreciate fairies work and contribution to life, honour Nature.

Fairies job is to get spirit into form. As they work in the world of form and matter, they are of great help on a practical level. Fairies make your food grow and make sure it contains all the nutricients you need to keep your organism in balance, so appreciate the food you eat. Heal yourself with pure and clean food that your body accepts naturally. Avoid food that makes you feel bad. Eat Fairy food if you feel like a fairy yourself. I love wild berries, nuts & seeds..local food.

For the past decades we humans have extreme measures in getting life out of life, our food, our healing, our clothes... It is like killing the Mother (Mater, matter), the giver of life. So it is time for us to co-exist with nature and return to Mother and let her nurture us. It is that we have a new biology now.

4. Wonder

Wonder is the seed of knowledge - Francis Bacon

Jesus said that Paradise is like the children. 6 D is a shamanic dimension where everything is alive and living in constant appraisal of the Creator. Children are shamanic. They wonder life´s magic with all their senses. Our Inner Child lives here and understands this world. Start looking the world with child eyes and be amazed.

It is as if you are ancient old wise and an innocent child at the same time.

5. Celebrate

yourself & your life. Fairies love to celebrate. They love to dress up. They love clothes because they make them happy and their aura shine. They live in constant celebration of life.

6. Open Sesame

the Door to the Magical Self of 6 th dimension is by coming out of the closet

The Golden age is not a hide and seek -game, but a coming out of the closet -game that offers us a chance to meet our true self with all of our grandeur. An individuals we need to express and acknowledge our authentic selves in order to take our place and role in the great plan. The same applies for nations. Everyone´s contribution is needed in the building of the New Earth.

We are not to lessen ourselves in any way as in the 3 D. So start showing to others who you are in every creative way you can think of so that you can be found, not just by your human team members, but by your fairies, but the whole universe ready to serve and assist you. This process is to be fun and joyful.

The Finnish Fairytale fashion is designed by the assistance of fairies and elementals for creative and joyful self expression. It creates a creative flow and sacred space around the wearer.

You can also ask for the fairies for help in finding your own individual look and self expression that helps you best in connecting.

Gifts and rewards

Fairies are abundantly generous. Living in the 6D is living in Abundance.

Practise makes a Master! After a while you may notice how you are given gift and rewards of you efforts. Fairies smooth your path and make things happen by a swift of their Magic Wand. The joy of elemental life is to serve you and make it your joy to serve them also. Together we birth the Earth into The Golden Age!



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