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Mai Niemi at Helsinki Fashion Week show

Mai Niemi Finnish Fairytale Design HFW Press release

Named the Fairy Godmother of Finland, Mai Niemi pays tribute to Kalevala wisdom and Finland´s pre-historic past as one of the most original Finnish fashion designers. Her recognizable ethno-futuristic style and incorporation of Scandinavian mythology in her styles unites the magic of fairy tales and historic legends with touches of modern minimalism, brightness and novelty.

From the deep forests and blue lakes to Santa Claus’ cabin and the ancient goddesses of Finland, Mai Niemi Finnish Fairytale Design aims to tell the complete story of Nordic nature.Mai’s design is timeless and contemporary and doesn't follow trends; instead, it chooses to focus on the creativity of the wearer. Mai’s fashion is like a modern folk costume that embraces all sizes, ages, seasons and occasions. Her handmade knitwear and dresses with matching accessories and jewelry can be recombined in endless combinations and can be used to renew existing styles or create a totally new look.

The goal of Mai’s ”Magic Wardrobe,” is her ”Superfashion” concept—the antithesis to rapidfire fashion. Mai’s fashion line is intentionally created in a way so wearers can utilize their creativity to mix and match Mai’s designs with accessories and have fun personalizing their own styles; and in this way, her designs offer a sustainable solution to the alarming increase in waste by the fashion industry.

Mai Niemi's garments are furthermore each ecologically handcrafted unique pieces of art made of mostly natural materials such as cotton, wool and cashmere, and are designed and ethically manufactured in Finland following the IAMMAI conscious and holistic fashion concept. IAMMAI is an innovation that takes all aspects of fashion—art, feng shui, ancient feminine wisdom, Nordic lifestyle, fantasy, role play, nature, well-being, matter and spirit, east and west, local and global—and combines them into one masterful design. This makes these timeless garments and accessories so powerful that their familiar energies are absolutely tangible to the sensitive individual.

Mai’s designs and concepts have been recognized all over the world—beloved by celebrity psychics in Hollywood, being featured in lectures at the Fashion Institute in New York City, promoted by luxury brands such as Helsinki’s own Palace Kämp Hotel and interviewed by the BBC and several Finnish magazines to date. Her quirky and colorful shop in the Torikorttelit part of downtown Helsinki embodies the playful essence permeating her brand and provides a motherly home to several like-minded designers of holistic and natural accessories. Mother nature would undoubtedly approve of such practices. Her local fashion has forged a global story inspiring people all over the world—renewing wardrobes, souls and the Earth alike. As its own unique brand of innovation, IAMMAI takes fashion into the new era of sustainable eco design.

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