Michelle Karénin Despacho vauraus seremonia Kauniaisissa 15.4, 2018

Shamaani ja astrologi Michelle Karén on tulossa Suomeen ja pitää Despacho vauraus seremonian Kauniaisissa 15.4. 2018 klo 15-17.

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Ancient Inca Despacho ceremony

Up to a hundred ingredients, such as chocolate, beans, raisins, flowers etc… go into the creation of a despacho, forming a beautiful natural mandala. Each symbolizes an aspect of our lives, with always a balance between the masculine and the feminine. All our prayers are blown into quintus (traditionally, coca leaves, but bay leaves for us in the West) for manifestation. The bundle thus formed in a state of reverence and gratitude, is then burned, allowing our prayers to be released in the ethers and brought to the upper world by Condor and Pachamama (Mother Earth).

The results of a despacho can be mild if we are already connected to our higher truth, or quite intense if we have strayed from our destiny. Coming in right relationship with aspects of our lives could initially lead to surprising results. We could be called to quit our job, move, see a love relationship come to an end or find ourselves temporarily without money. But all these occurrences, however dramatic they may seem at the time, will invariably lead to much better circumstances: such as the job of our dreams, the partner who matches us in body, mind, heart and spirit and greater abundance than ever.

Michelle Karén, international conference speaker, author of 9 books on Astrology, living food nutrition, yoga and spiritual novels, Astrologer to the Stars at the 78th Academy Awards in Hollywood, and graduate of the Four Winds Society (Alberto Villoldo), was personally trained in Peru by the Q’ero Master Shamans, particularly her mentor Don Pasqual (on the attached picture). She became the God Mother of one of his children, Danilo, in a traditional hair cutting ceremony in Cuzco.

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