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The Knitted Kalevala 30 year jubilee year 2018

Kalevala, Finland´s national epic, has been sung, danced, filmed.

Kalevala is also designed, to lift Finland´s national spirit and design into new heights.

Finnish Fairytale storyvideo

If you love Finland, you love this:

Mai Niemi Finnish Fairytale is the national wearable fashion Kalevala.

It is a story of the mystical North in innovative moderns and trendy way and yet pays tribute the ancient Kalevala wisdom.

Knits, accessories, jewelry, dresses; they all are one size, all age, all season, all event pieces of art, simple and practical spiced up with creative magic and folklore.

Welcome to the jubilee reception 6th of December, on Finland´s 100th birthday 2017, to Finnish Fairytale Shop, Katariinankatu 4B, Senate Square, Helsinki.

From noon to 4 pm.

Mythical dance performance `On the wings of Louhi and Sotka´ at 1 and 2 pm by Liza Mehtap.

Sparckling wine, lottery, servings and Kalevala fashion stories.

Neule Kalevala Story blog link

Photo: Neule Kalevala design story: Aino

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