The Aarni series draws its inspiration from universal eagle mythology: The eagle is wise. It has broad vision and connects above worldly concerns and sorrows. The Finnish national bird swan, on the other hand, represents purity and innocence. The swan is also associated with a symbolism of enduring, love. The Aarni rack decorated with swan combines wisdom and pure love. You can also order Swan-Aarn in black. At that time, black swans bring more mystique and symbolism of a new beginning. This rack is a multi-purpose miracle of a small space: it acts as a spacious hanger due to its small size. Equally, it is a convenient little table for a balcony, terrace or a romantic gazebo, for example! In white, the stand is at its best in a romantic setting, while in black it brings mysticism and the symbolism of a new beginning to the interior. The Aarni stand decorated with swans is also suitable for the terrace or hallway of a summer café, for example, to create a unique atmosphere. Colors: black and white

Aarni Swan rack & table combo, white